28 May 2009

Hijab Fashion From Taqwa Iman

I love Taqwa Iman's collections and here are a couple of outfits with some lovely pieces from the site, the ones without the prices aren't from taqwaiman.com but some wardrobe staples I added to complete the look.

1/ Ruffle tunic, love it!

I reallllly like this maxi, I want it :D

Check out Taqwa Iman for some more great hijab fashion!

24 May 2009

Outfit Ideas: Chanel Chic

(Just to reiterate the concept of 'Outfit Ideas' on this blog as I haven't posted one in a while- they are posts meant to inspire but not all of the looks shown can be copied completely, it's down to your own judgment and your own view regrading what hijab should consist of.)

As soon as I saw this hijabi photo, I was reminded of the above picture, a Chanel model I've seen countless times:

I think the all pink look is really cute :D here's my (nearly) all pink look. Well, this is just about as much pink as I can stomach lol:

Pink :D

Pink :D by Zaenab

22 May 2009

Biscuit Jilbab

I found this biscuit coloured jilbab and I looove it :D

I love the cut of it and the flared skirt, it's 60 pounds from masoomah.co.uk which is a bit pricey but if you're a full time "jilbabi" then I think it's a good buy. If not, you could always go for a cheaper maxi dress with a similar cut and colour. Here's how I would accessorize it:

It's so simple, you could create hundreds of looks with the right accessories and turn it into a casual day look or a glam night look, even better it comes in loads more colours so whats not to like?!

15 May 2009

I Heart Paisley Dresses

Here are some maxis I found on the net and there's one to suit every pocket:

1. For the semi-skint hijabi, this paisley maxi from buckle.com will see you through the summer months and it's only £23.39, purses at the ready:

2. If you have a few more pounds to spare (£28.00) then then go for this Newlook lovely and stay cool, modest and bang on trend this summer, what more do you want, eh?:

3. If your more of the loaded, hijabi type and money is no object then this is for you:

It's only £615.00 from farfetch.com but it is rather fetching if I say so myself :D Anyway, whatever you budget is, make sure you pair the dresses with a solid coloured hijab and some cute gladiators as well as a suitable arm coverer of your choice. Hope you like paisley too! :D

12 May 2009

Request: Niqab Summer Style

Requested by niqabi Yasmeen, this post is about trendy summer style for niqabis. I think maxi dresses and skirts are a general must for hijabis and niqabis in the summer and I don't think that you should limit yourself to black abayas with black shaylas and a black face covering.. Speaking of which, I found some niqabs available cheaply from this site in almost every niqab colour under the sun, so no excuses :D

Actually, this abaya and niqab combo is rather nice, I like how the hijab is flipped over the head so the pattern is at the front:

Here are two outfits I put together for a niqabi in the sun, they can obviously be worn by hijabs and non hijabs too:

White Cardigan Dress

White Cardigan Dress by Zaenab

I love the maxi in this next one:

Niqab Maxi Style

Niqab Maxi Style by Zaenab

I hope these styles have helped! Sorry it's short I'm very sleepy lol :D

10 May 2009

Lady Muslima - New Hijab Site

Lady Muslima is a new Indonesian hijab clothing site that I was browsing with some great deals to be found. As it's new, the range isn't huge but the prices certainly aren't either. I really like the Indonesian style hijabs they sell and some of the tunics are cute too. And get this, abayas start from 10 pounds! Here's an abaya I like from there (left), it's only 11 pounds:

Yellow Dress

Here are some other stuff I like:

All of those lovely hijabs are under 8 pounds so it's well worth checking it out, here :D

06 May 2009

Nabila's Pick Of The Week-ish

I know I haven't posted Nabila's pick of the week in aaaages but that's because I just haven't had time to copy the outfits on Polyvore.. Anyway, here's a new summery outfit of hers which I love and have tried to recreate:

Nude Shoes