24 May 2009

Outfit Ideas: Chanel Chic

(Just to reiterate the concept of 'Outfit Ideas' on this blog as I haven't posted one in a while- they are posts meant to inspire but not all of the looks shown can be copied completely, it's down to your own judgment and your own view regrading what hijab should consist of.)

As soon as I saw this hijabi photo, I was reminded of the above picture, a Chanel model I've seen countless times:

I think the all pink look is really cute :D here's my (nearly) all pink look. Well, this is just about as much pink as I can stomach lol:

Pink :D

Pink :D by Zaenab


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum sis!

I just discovered your blog by chance and truly loving it!

The muslimah fashion are really inspiring!

I need to go shopping this weekend and revamp my wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what brand are the flats and where can I find them?

Zaenab said...

anon: they are from this site:
but its not english so not sure if it would be that easy to order from them!

Zaenab said...

first anon:
thank you! im glad you like it :D
i wouldnt mind a spot of shopping either but il have to wait for now otherwise my wardrobe will burst! lol ^-^

Anonymous said...

Um, I think Hijabs High have mentioned that they don't want people borrowing their images from them btw..

The reverts secret said...

I love the picture from hijab high!! beautiful sister mashallah!


*~Ange~* said...

that last set you did is very cute

Istri Manyunn said...

it's look so comfortable raight??
if i've more money i'll make it..hehe