15 May 2009

I Heart Paisley Dresses

Here are some maxis I found on the net and there's one to suit every pocket:

1. For the semi-skint hijabi, this paisley maxi from buckle.com will see you through the summer months and it's only £23.39, purses at the ready:

2. If you have a few more pounds to spare (£28.00) then then go for this Newlook lovely and stay cool, modest and bang on trend this summer, what more do you want, eh?:

3. If your more of the loaded, hijabi type and money is no object then this is for you:

It's only £615.00 from farfetch.com but it is rather fetching if I say so myself :D Anyway, whatever you budget is, make sure you pair the dresses with a solid coloured hijab and some cute gladiators as well as a suitable arm coverer of your choice. Hope you like paisley too! :D


Mounia said...

i love the dresses! theyre beautiful, mashallah. i'm thinking of the 2nd one[:

being aware of the prices was nice of you to do

HijabChic said...

as salam alaykum!
i really like the 1st one from buckle :)

i have just finished reading your entire blog and i love it!

Zaenab said...

HijabChic: haha lol :D i hope that didnt take you too long! glad you like it ^-^
Zaenab xx

Inspired Muslimah said...

I love paisley!