30 April 2012

iPhone apps

When I initially got an iPhone I thought that the whole app function was the best thing since sliced bread.. then I took it abroad and realised that the iPhone is of next to no value without an internet connection. Without WiFi the iPhone takes you back to 1999 where the only thing you could do was use the calender, play snake and have a torch at hand.

Luckily for me, I'm not abroad and I DO have an internet connection so my iPhone is currently working great YAY!

I feel like making a list today so I thought I would share with you some apps that I like (I am hoping that somebody in the world will half care but I'm not holding my breath or anything..).

I should actually be writing up my university dissertation, due in 22 days, but I can't be asked right now.

So here goes:

1. Whatsapp
The app that you kind of have to have even if you don't want it. It's great for instantly sending photos and having group chats but not so great if you don't want to reply to someone but you've read their message so you know it's double-ticked and then they're online when you read it and they start typing and you go offline and then feel bad and you wish you still just used conventional SMS and - it's just one big mess.

2. MailOnline
Sometimes I just wish that I was intelligent enough to actually enjoy reading something like the Independent or the Financial Times. Instead I prefer to read a slightly right-wing paper that doesn't think grammar is overly-important and produces articles that are just a little bit too juicy and controversial to not be made up.

3. PicCal
This is a recent download and I'm really liking it so far. Basically it's like photo diary where you take a photo a day and it stores them as a calender. I hope that it's not going to end up like a real life diary where you're really excited about it at the start and you write in it twice a day and then you've forgotten about it a week later.  


4. R-type
A TRUE 90s kid would understand :D


5. iPray
Great for prayer times. I had the lite version then I bought the full version, honestly I can't tell the difference. Something to do with the compass or athaans. 

6. TVCatchup
Best app for live TV on your phone. And it has Dave. I mean who doesn't love TopGear??

7. Alafasy Radio
So I really liked this app at the start. Mishary Alafasy is an excellent reciter. The only thing that's not great is when you use the app you're greeted with his giant face:


Now this was not a problem until my mum saw it on my phone and somehow convinced herself that I chose the background and so I must have a crush on him.

I don't think that I've listened to  this app  since my mother's rather traumatising accusation. Not that it made much of a difference to her anyway.. she still started smirking at me when he was on TV the other day in a "I know that you know that I know" sort of a way O.O 

Yeh, not my favourite app actually.

24 April 2012

Request: Graduation Look

Minha Aliya requested that I suggest a graduation outfit for her upcoming (middle school?) graduation. I think that she said she is 14 years old and the only girl who wears hijab in her year.

As you mentioned that the other girls generally wear pencil skirts, I would suggest that you follow a similar theme. Here is an outfit for some inspiration, hope you like it! I have tried to keep it young and fun but I might not be the best person to ask as I did not wear hijab until quite a few years after secondary school so do not have experience dressing in hijab for prom/graduation.

I hope that this helps! I would have liked to suggest other looks for you but I am so behind on work at the moment, I really don't have the time. Let me know how it goes!

15 April 2012

Smart Hijab Tip #1: Colour

I have decided that this blog is in need of a section dedicated to smart/work hijab outfit ideas and tips.

After spending about a month in a hospital and coming across a lot of professional hijabis, I realised that a fair few of them (I feel like a bitch writing this..) could do with *slightly* improving their work look.

Obviously I'm not claiming to know everything about smart dressing, we all know that only a Turk could ever reasonably claim such a thing (just look at Hijab Revival and Hijabi and the City if you don't believe me - EDIT - In case any of you don't understand English, I am implying in this sentence that those two ladies have amazing smart dress senses, like many Turks that I have seen).

So anyway, one thing I noticed that a lot of hijabis do is use far too many colours in their outfit to ever be able to make it look smart and professional. I personally think that the key is to keep it simple and use different shades of a colour as opposed to putting lots of colours together. I would say stick to a maximum of 3 colours.

I really like the colour use in two outfits below:

If you are stuck for something to wear to work then I would recommend pairing a top with a scarf of the same colour but either much darker or much lighter than the top. Here's an idea:

Smart Hijab Style

Hope this helps :)

09 April 2012

Light hearted fun or downright paedophilic..?

I don't know if anyone has heard the song "Yareet Senk" (which directly translates to "I wish your age..") by Amr Diab but I heard it a while ago and I was a little taken aback by the lyrics - they are soo dodge! He's basically confessing his undying love to a girl of undisclosed age. All he says is that he wishes she was 2 years older.

The thing that sickens me a little is that he says he wishes she was older but he wants her to stay looking the same. Is it just me or is that really wrong?

Anyway, here is a rough translation of the words but it to me it sounds even worse in Arabic :S

"I wish your age was two years older ... because you are so young
Wish you were older .. but nothing of your (body) changes
Your love stays the same ... and your colour stays the same
Your eyes barely open.. from this moment they are so confusing

Oh the soul of my soul, how beautiful you walk
Oh the soul of my soul, the feather that have painted you
Oh the light of your heart, sweet light
It filled me with one touch

If only I was not a good person..
Then nothing would stop me
If only I was not a good person..
Then nothing would stop me

With innocence you wave for me "watch out"
And I see you, and you take my heart with your beauty
You have such a look! Oh masha'Allah..
Just as if you're a famous star

And because of how much I'm taken by you..
I took a photo of you with my eyes..."

Well at least the anti-ageing ad on the video made me chuckle...

07 April 2012

Boutique Al-Khaleejia Review

I was recently sent the above two embroidered shaylas to review from Boutique Al-Khaleejia, a relatively new online store specialising in khaleeji abayas, shaylas and accessories.

My package :)

The first scarf ("Shayla 93") is pink, gold and purple-

Style: Both scarves are embroidered with coloured thread and beads on one side. The detailing is impressively intricate especially when considering that they are hand-embroidered. I like both designs but my favourite shayla is the next ("Shayla 96") -

I personally feel that these scarves are too blingy for everyday wear (especially if you don't wear them with an abaya) and I would most likely wear them on occasions when I am wearing a dress with a black abaya over the top.

Quality & value for money: The shaylas are made of thin chiffon material, measuring 24x72" making them long enough to wrap around once leaving extra material for styling/coverage.

The scarves retail at $49.99 each, which I think is a little steep but when you consider that they are hand embroidered and the amount of beads used actually makes that side of the scarf heavy, then the price is not too bad. Also, the heaviness of the scarf is pretty useful when it comes to syling because the weight means that it is less likely to move around or slip of the head.

There are lots of ways that you can style these sorts of shaylas, one of my favourites being this one:

Here are some close-ups I took of each design -

The shop also has a range of 250 abayas and many other beautiful shaylas. Check them out here :)

06 April 2012

Contact me

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04 April 2012

First Impressions

Why is it that first impressions are so important? Passing a judgement on somebody within a few seconds of meeting them - everything from their character to their "social status" to their rough annual wage - is something we all subconsciously do, and judging a book by it's cover has become the order of the day. But I feel like recently every single judgement that I have formulated about a person has turned out to be not only wrong but the complete opposite of reality - and I am usually pretty good at figuring people out (well I thought so anyway..).

So the other day I met this hijabi and got on with her well, we were cracking jokes and having a laugh and things were going just dandy. An hour in and she suddenly turned sour and started calling me out (rather loudly) for not having my fringe tucked into my headscarf. She was all like "well what's the point in wearing it then?" I ignored her rudeness and just tucked it back in but from then on every time I would see her she'd ask why I was wearing this and that and why I push my sleeves up and why I say "hi" instead of "salam" etccc. I carried on being normal with her and assumed that she must be a bit of a hardcore Muslim. 

That's until I found out yesterday that she has a boyfriend. And she told me really nonchalantly as well. I found it quite difficult to bite my tongue and not ask her why, exactly, she had been harassing me about everything I wear/do if she is so "liberal".

Anyway, yesterday I saw some very typical white builder in a high vis jacket. He was sat with "the guys" guffawing at something or other and covered in white paint. I admit I assumed they must just be checking out the ladies.

Today, I saw him doing wudu. I thought for a second that he might be fixing the plumbing or something, but no.

Last Friday I saw some black guy in a suit and dreadlocks walking into the prayer room. I thought, damn he's lost. Later, I saw him walking out of juma, shoes in hand.

Today I met a very oddly dressed English woman, she was nice enough but all my superficial self could focus on was her clothing choice.

I later heard surat Ya-Sin coming from her computer. Turns out she constantly listens to the Quran because she says it has this beautiful calming effect on her. What's more, she reads it and knows some Arabic. Without even meaning to, I had judged her character to the point that I would not have believed it if I hadn't heard her saying it.

Going back to my original question, I think that first impressions are so important because of how wrong and misleading they can often be. Don't ever let your initial opinion of somebody cloud your judgement, give them a chance, you might be surprised. 

[I don't know about you guys but I rarely read large chunks of text on peoples' blogs if the title doesn't interest me, so if you got this far, clearly you aren't as judgemental as I am and you don't need a week of moral awaking like I do :( ..]

01 April 2012


I found this beautiful natural pearl bracelet on polyvore and just had to make an outfit for it - I love it ^-^