07 April 2012

Boutique Al-Khaleejia Review

I was recently sent the above two embroidered shaylas to review from Boutique Al-Khaleejia, a relatively new online store specialising in khaleeji abayas, shaylas and accessories.

My package :)

The first scarf ("Shayla 93") is pink, gold and purple-

Style: Both scarves are embroidered with coloured thread and beads on one side. The detailing is impressively intricate especially when considering that they are hand-embroidered. I like both designs but my favourite shayla is the next ("Shayla 96") -

I personally feel that these scarves are too blingy for everyday wear (especially if you don't wear them with an abaya) and I would most likely wear them on occasions when I am wearing a dress with a black abaya over the top.

Quality & value for money: The shaylas are made of thin chiffon material, measuring 24x72" making them long enough to wrap around once leaving extra material for styling/coverage.

The scarves retail at $49.99 each, which I think is a little steep but when you consider that they are hand embroidered and the amount of beads used actually makes that side of the scarf heavy, then the price is not too bad. Also, the heaviness of the scarf is pretty useful when it comes to syling because the weight means that it is less likely to move around or slip of the head.

There are lots of ways that you can style these sorts of shaylas, one of my favourites being this one:

Here are some close-ups I took of each design -

The shop also has a range of 250 abayas and many other beautiful shaylas. Check them out here :)


hijabi said...


As-salaam alaikum said...


I know what an abaya is, but what is a "khaleeji abaya".

Stylish Muslimah said...

hijabi: Glad you like :)

As-salaam: An abaya made or designed in the Khaleej..

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

The shaylas I buy that are "decent" to Omani girls usually cost around 20 OMR---that's around 60 dollar USD, so that is a decent deal the online boutique has. I wonder who makes them for them and what they get paid for the handwork then.

The ones that aren't so nice here or completey plain are usually 4-15 OMR. Anything namebrand is gonna be more, sadly.

Melissa said...

They're very beautiful!

Stylish Muslimah said...

OPNO: Yes I thought so! They import them from UAE and Saudi

Salam x

Anonymous said...


Regardless of how old you are there are always people who do things like that. Growing up it used to make me mad, now I have come to accept it. These criticisms mostly has to do with them not being completely happy with themselves. Sometimes in order to make our own choices and decisions seem "justified" or "correct" we criticise other's actions even though one has nothing do with the other - like your new friend. It's hard not to judge people, I think we are socially taught to categorise people so it helps us in our daily life to initiate, develop and maintain friendships/relationships. But doesn't it feel nice when we are wrong sometimes... especially the ones you outlined after :)

Sweety I don't know how old you are, but I am sure you would have figured this out for yourself :)


Stylish Muslimah said...

Anon: I'm guessing your comment was for the last post. Yes you're right, I think people are taught to catagorize in that way, it's quite sad. I'm 22 btw :)

Salam x

Anonymous said...

Salaam :) I like your blog. I have just ordered an abaya from them actually, can't wait to receive it.

Vicky Butt said...
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Pixie said...

I just want to add this on the review, since you are only evaluating the product not the service, the service was rated pretty bad by friends who have ordered. The old owner did not often reply to emails (unless hse was mad about comments left but to give her credit she was under alot of stress). The new owner is not responding to message at all, and a friend has been ripped off (never sent) the abayas she ordered BEFORE the sale to the new owner despite promises her order would be closed regardless of the sale of the boutique.

No one seems to care, and it was alot of money.

Reminds me of Essense of Black. But before the sale, alot of issters who originally order got really nice product, but from what I've heard, recently, are just bad things. I dunno.

StylishMuslimah said...

Pixie: It's nice to see a comment from you, it's been a while! I hope that your baby daughter is doing well Insha'Allah :) Thanks for the info, I'll think twice about reviewing for them in future. I remember the issues people had with Essence of Black, it's very disheartening to be let down by Muslims that you've put your trust into.

Salam x