30 April 2012

iPhone apps

When I initially got an iPhone I thought that the whole app function was the best thing since sliced bread.. then I took it abroad and realised that the iPhone is of next to no value without an internet connection. Without WiFi the iPhone takes you back to 1999 where the only thing you could do was use the calender, play snake and have a torch at hand.

Luckily for me, I'm not abroad and I DO have an internet connection so my iPhone is currently working great YAY!

I feel like making a list today so I thought I would share with you some apps that I like (I am hoping that somebody in the world will half care but I'm not holding my breath or anything..).

I should actually be writing up my university dissertation, due in 22 days, but I can't be asked right now.

So here goes:

1. Whatsapp
The app that you kind of have to have even if you don't want it. It's great for instantly sending photos and having group chats but not so great if you don't want to reply to someone but you've read their message so you know it's double-ticked and then they're online when you read it and they start typing and you go offline and then feel bad and you wish you still just used conventional SMS and - it's just one big mess.

2. MailOnline
Sometimes I just wish that I was intelligent enough to actually enjoy reading something like the Independent or the Financial Times. Instead I prefer to read a slightly right-wing paper that doesn't think grammar is overly-important and produces articles that are just a little bit too juicy and controversial to not be made up.

3. PicCal
This is a recent download and I'm really liking it so far. Basically it's like photo diary where you take a photo a day and it stores them as a calender. I hope that it's not going to end up like a real life diary where you're really excited about it at the start and you write in it twice a day and then you've forgotten about it a week later.  


4. R-type
A TRUE 90s kid would understand :D


5. iPray
Great for prayer times. I had the lite version then I bought the full version, honestly I can't tell the difference. Something to do with the compass or athaans. 

6. TVCatchup
Best app for live TV on your phone. And it has Dave. I mean who doesn't love TopGear??

7. Alafasy Radio
So I really liked this app at the start. Mishary Alafasy is an excellent reciter. The only thing that's not great is when you use the app you're greeted with his giant face:


Now this was not a problem until my mum saw it on my phone and somehow convinced herself that I chose the background and so I must have a crush on him.

I don't think that I've listened to  this app  since my mother's rather traumatising accusation. Not that it made much of a difference to her anyway.. she still started smirking at me when he was on TV the other day in a "I know that you know that I know" sort of a way O.O 

Yeh, not my favourite app actually.


Safiyya said...


HAha, so laughing out loud @ the mum incident! Sorry baby. Mishary Alafasy is my favorite reciter till date. Very calm and clear, very easy to learn ayats when listening to his recitation.

Love, S.

Stylish Muslimah said...

LOL, I'm glad someone feels my pain haha :(

Salam x

ireminisces said...

Alafasy good reciter and r - type what a game remember that a long time ago.

Asalamu alaikum
Feel free to add "I Love Islam" badge to your website. Just copy and past code from my blog simples.

safavieh said...

hahahahaha ;) boy!!! that made me laugh XD @alafasy thing :D dont worry.. take it easy :)) it is just another of those bitter-sweet moments that mums and their girls have :)

mumtaza said...

Lol @ your mom clowning you about alafasy! That's quite the glamourshot the brother is working.

Samia said...

Your description of the mail made me laugh! So true!


Stylish Muslimah said...

Mumtaza: LOOL "glamourshot" pahahaa that made my day xD

Stylish Muslimah said...

Samia: I know right! They always seem to have a little dig at Muslims too - if there's a bomb it's Muslims, if there's a drought it's Muslims, if it rains it's the bloody Muslims.

Salam x

CAHREMA said...

Ohhhhh yess WhatsApp is a Must Have for everyone with a smartphone :D


Aliya said...

Ahaha! Be glad your mom only gave you the smirk, my mother would have told the entire family, not to mention telling it to my future children and all of my friends. :D

Anonymous said...


What is your dissertation on?

Stylish Muslimah said...

Aliya: Oh no, that's awful! :O

Anon: It's about the improvement of hospital pharmacy discharge services. It's so riveting.

Salam :)

As-salaam alaikum said...


Your dissertation sounds very exciting and I'd like to read it after you're done. If you are typing it in a word processor, please hook me up with a copy after it's complete.

Good luck.

Clara said...

Does ipray let you customize the prayer times? I had something called Adhan Clock which is good but sometimes the prayer times are off by quite awhile and there is no function to input them yourself....

Stylish Muslimah said...

As-salaam: I can never figure out if you're being sarcastic or not :/

Clara: Yes I'm pretty sure you can customize them.


As-salaam alaikum said...

Wallahi, no sarcasm.

Clara said...

Thanks. I love the blog btw. I love the styles you post especially the Turkish style because I live in Turkey. I am an American convert but I dress like a Turk. Sadly I can never get my square scarves to look like the models though.


Stylish Muslimah said...

Clara: Aw thank you, I'm glad you like it :D Yes I love Turkish style hijab, it's so chic.

As-salaam: Hmm, well it's far from finished yet anyway.

Salam :)

A said...

haha lol you mother is hilarious . .Whatsapp is the best one because it free messaging so its a hit with us south asians .:) :)

Basma said...

make a post when your phd work is published! it is already the 24 th of may, so you're already done? ;)

whatsapp is really one of the best apps ever, do you know line? a friend recommended it. I also checked on this site madvertise, they are doing so much, to promote apps, I really get confused because there so many of them, it's the best to ask friends.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Basma: I have handed it in but I still need to present it on Monday :S Quiet freaked out by that! It's not a PhD though! It's a project I have to do as part of my masters in pharmacy.

It's so boring, can't wait til I'm done so that I can get back to blogging!

Salam x

Fatima said...

....I was reading your whole article with a straight face, then I swear this mischievous smile came out of nowhere and started sniggering at the last part...
Snigger snigger snigger. I cant stop, I swear! LOLLLL.
Its okay, its like they lie in wait for this moment to jump out at you and wiggle their eyebrows ahahahaha.


Oh yeah, and @Aliya: Not to mention Leila would have a field day with it and tell me who would post it every place I could on the internet. Muahahaha, ly, see you l8r!

Anonymous said...

Assalamalaikum..luv all ur posts..well about d nose thng i think u shud get it done if it is d reason 4 ur unhappiness..it is ur wish..but den der hav been many surgeries dat hav gone wrong...if u want 2 do dis due 2 sum1 else's taunts den remember u r u...beautiful as u r..nd u wer created by d BEST CREATOR..JazakAllah Khairan

Stylish iPhone 4 Cases said...

Thanks for your post and the list of apps! I love Whatsapp!

Anonymous said...

lolllll i laughed out loud at ur mashary/mum comment!!

i just came across ur blog today, im really enjoying reading it, you come across as very natural... i was bored so ive looked at over 10 hijabi fashion blogs just this arvo lol and yours (as well as misshijabi.com) are def my favourite!!

and would u know we have quite a bit in common... im arab, i wear hijab and im into fashion (i prefer Loui to chanel tho:P) strict parents who wouldnt let me move out, also just recently started working as a pharmacist (in an ivf clinic as well as a community pharmacy), hate my nose lol and have considered a nose job (i'll post on that comment) and what else... nice dream car too btw!!

good luck with ur intern year iA you'll do great:) if you were in australia id tell you to go on openthemedicinebox.com its a great resource for interns:)

Stylish Muslimah said...

Anon: Oh my God we're like twins!! Thanks for the link by the way :D

Salam xx