27 April 2013

Too hot for Saudi Arabia..?

While 'doing coursework' I came across an article about this Emirati guy who was one of three men to be recently deported from Saudi Arabia for being so irresistibly good looking that there were fears of women being driven to distraction in their presence.
I think that this country has finally reached a level of stupidity in a league of its very own.
There are several things that sprung to mind when I read the article.
- One, why and when did religious police get to decide upon who is ugly enough to stay in the country?  Bit discriminatory if you ask me. Then again this is Saudi Arabia we're talking about, the land where quite literally nobody is equal. I mean, why stop at women and foreigners anyway..?
- Two, I wonder what the Saudis would have done with Prophet Yusef [Joseph] (as) after he made all those women cut their hands.
- Three, that is a very nice red shmagh.
- Four, I wonder if any Saudi men that were present at the time of deportation were offended because they weren't being deported as well.
- And finally, I should probably stop procrastinating and getting distracted by these articles.
So what are your thoughts on Saudi Arabia's latest moronic move?

[*EDIT* It appears that this story was over-exaggerated and the men in question were deported for actually breaking the law and acting, in a manner that would be considered in Saudi, inappropriately in a public place.]

19 April 2013

"O you who have believed, when (the adhan)  is called for the prayer on the day of Jumu'ah  (Friday), then proceed to the remembrance of Allah and leave trade. That is better for you, if you only knew. And when the prayer has been concluded, disperse within the land and seek from the bounty of Allah, and remember Allah often so that you may succeed."


02 April 2013

Actually WORKS: an easy way to repair dry, damaged hair with a hijab

I have very long, thick hair that can quickly turn dry if it is not well maintained. When I put on the hijab I discovered that it also doubles as the most effective hair conditioning mask I have ever used.  
A nifty trick that works a treat for dry, damaged hair:
In the morning brush a good amount of olive oil into dry hair, making sure you get rid of all the tangles. Plait it and then twist the plait into a bun. Wear your hijab as normal during the day and discover beautifully soft hair when you get home and take it off. It really does work, and works exceptionally well in hotter climates.
I also plait my hair with a small amount of olive oil before bed so it's nice and soft in the morning. This works well if you don't wear a hijab but I've found that there's something about covering the hair for a few hours that actually makes the technique work much better.
Hope this works for you if you're having trouble with dry hair!