05 January 2011

An Old Outfit

I was browsing through some of my old sets on Polyvore, cringing at many I had made over two years ago, but then I found quite a few that I still like.. like this one. Perfect if you are a lucky sod in the tropic of Capricorn and it's summer right now.


03 January 2011

What To Do When Revision Isn't Going Well..

YouTube, of course! I have to post this, it's really childish but, hey it cracked me up. The accent is on the money lol:

02 January 2011

A Quick 'Style' Tip

I cannot help but notice the increasing number of hijabis who, when praying, wrap a chador (a long, sometimes colourful open abaya, often worn by Iranians) around their waist in order to cover their tight-fitting jeans underneath. This annoys my for 2 reasons: 1/ Why don't they wear the chador properly over their heads? It would look a lot better. And 2/ They wouldn't dare walk around in front of people with a chador wrapped around their waist so why do they present themselves to Allah (SWT) like that?!

Now, I'm not judging them at all, I have friends who do this who I know to be good Muslims but I just find the whole thing a bit of a joke :S

Anyway.. my tip (for myself as well..) is if you would not happily and comfortably wear an outfit that you wear with a headscarf, to pray, avoid wearing it!! If you are happy with jeans and a short top to pray and you feel that is an adequately modest and humble way to present yourself in prayer, by all means do. But please, for your own sake, don't give yourself a set of style rules for daily life and a different set for prayer.

01 January 2011


Well, you don't write that everyday..

Soo, I didn't win the competition (I came 5th) :( Where were you, oh followers in my time of need?
Anywayy, I am planning to do best and worst looks of 2010, like the one I did last year. I won't be writing this until my exams are over though :/
Disclaimer.. No, I am not encouraging anybody to dress, act or throw apples around like the young lady in the image. It is simply portraying my current state of discontentment. Althoughhh, let us study the following rhyme:

Zero the hero, first the worst , second the best, third the one with a hairy chest, fourth the king, fifth the queen, sixth the one with a magazine, seventh goes to heaven, eighth the one that likes to read , ninth the one who needs to speed...

You can't argue with The Rhyme.