02 January 2011

A Quick 'Style' Tip

I cannot help but notice the increasing number of hijabis who, when praying, wrap a chador (a long, sometimes colourful open abaya, often worn by Iranians) around their waist in order to cover their tight-fitting jeans underneath. This annoys my for 2 reasons: 1/ Why don't they wear the chador properly over their heads? It would look a lot better. And 2/ They wouldn't dare walk around in front of people with a chador wrapped around their waist so why do they present themselves to Allah (SWT) like that?!

Now, I'm not judging them at all, I have friends who do this who I know to be good Muslims but I just find the whole thing a bit of a joke :S

Anyway.. my tip (for myself as well..) is if you would not happily and comfortably wear an outfit that you wear with a headscarf, to pray, avoid wearing it!! If you are happy with jeans and a short top to pray and you feel that is an adequately modest and humble way to present yourself in prayer, by all means do. But please, for your own sake, don't give yourself a set of style rules for daily life and a different set for prayer.


Ayuni said...

good idea....

Sachi Asukai said...



LabellaIman said...

THANK YOU! I feel the same exact way! If you can't pray in it, you can't play in it :)

Yara said...

Also (just to add to your point) if the tight jeans aren't modest enough whilst praying, how can you go out the house like that?? If they think it isn't modest enough-they cover up their figure, so how about when they go out in public and any random joe bloggs sees them?

We need to help our sisters out ladies!

((Inshallah that makes sense, it's late but i thought i'd get that in there :) ))

Hina Khan said...

totally agree!

Anonymous said...

wow...a chador is an open abaya?
Nah...girlie its not...pls fix the description. LOL. A Chador is a gigantic semi-circle of cloth worn from head to feet...Cuz ive worked years at trying to edu-ma-cate sisters that NO a chador is NOT the same thing as an overhead abaya with hand holes...LOL...

rilly...ive not seen that...maybe if they arent Irani and wearing a Irani prayer chador they just donno HOW to wear it to pray in cuz it does take some know how.

Zaenab said...

Well, they aren't far off from each other - they are both single peices of cloth that go over the head, I was using it as a comparison. Also, it doesn't take a genius to figure out how to wear one, it's less complicated than a jumper.

Anonymous said...

Who is a Muslim ?
A muslim is he/she who submits to the will of Allah swt.
What is the will of Allah ?
Allah has already mentioned it in the Quran Pak, for women and men, what and how to dress.
My dear sisters, if in the need or interest of being stylish, you wish to bend or make it to your own convenience what we should and should not wear, then that would be what you carry to your grave. But wearing tight fitting clothes, be it jeans or otherwise, is not prescribed for us by Allah. This is just how WE perceive it inorder to "fit in" with the society we live in and not have to make further "ADJUSTMENTS" ... However, it is NOT the word of Allah swt. So kindly, with all due respect, stop fooling yourselves and misleading your mind, that wearing a headscarf over jeans without an overall covering is "OK" To imitate a man's clothing is NOT ok.
Please dont be offended, and Allah know best.
Your sister

Zaenab said...

Salam Naush,

Yes, imitating men in dress is haram, however, in the context of culture - which is very important in this argument - wearing trousers in the West is something not specific to the male sex. Wearing a skirt, on the other hand, is specific to the female sex, so it would be wrong for a man to wear a skirt but not for women to wear trousers.

:) xxx

Anonymous said...

At the masjid I go to, our men and women aren't separated into different rooms. With the amount of bending and prostrating that occurs during prayer, very modest clothing can seem immodest. Just a thought :)