26 May 2012

Trends: three I like and three I just don't get

Contrary to what you might think, I generally do not follow trends. I'm not a particularly trendy person at all. Of course, if there is something trendy that I like I go right ahead and get it but I don't buy things just because everyone else has them. Though recently, certain recurring trends have caught my eye. Here are three I really like, and three I find utterly pointless:

Gold watches: I had been on the hunt for the perfect watch for probably about a year until I found this beauty. I am in love.
 Who needs a man when you can just have a man-watch?

Crosses: Is it me or has everybody suddenly become enraptured by this religious symbol? I am not even a Christian and I get offended by how the cross has become a mere fashion item. It's everywhere, and half the time it's upside down, I mean WTH? I don't care if I'm taking this "too seriously", the reality is is that even of you're an atheist you can't deny that the cross used to be used to torture and kill people. How is that now a fashion statement?

Evil eye jewelry: It may not actually have any protective powers but the eye certainly looks pretty good on jewelry.

Creepers: I don't care how much of a hipster you are. You can instagram all the filtered, weird-angled pictures of them you want but just remember that no one, NO ONE can make those fugly things look good. Got to be the worst trend since jeggings.

I refuse to credit the source.

Loafers: Love them! Everyone should own a pair. Or two.


The "What's in my bag?" tag: This isn't a fashion trend per se but it's certainly a YouTube trend that I find unbelievably pointless. Have I missed something here because I simply don't understand who would care what's in some random person's handbag? These videos can be longer than 20 minutes of someone just pulling crap out of their bag and then explaining everything in mind-numbing detail. Don't they feel a bit silly sat in front of a camera filming it, what if someone randomly walked into their room..? The whole thing would look ridiculous. I mean I've actually seen someone pull out a legit sanitary pad and then explain why she carries it. WOWOWWWOOW.

11 May 2012

Career Choices

Everybody gets to a point in their life when they have to make a decision that will probably change the rest of their career forever. I am currently surrounded by people who are not only making this choice but are showing tremendous passion for what they want to do. And that's great, fantastic actually. But it leaves me wondering why I don't have a passion for my future career. My heart is not set on anything at all. How sad is that? 

Actually it's quite horrific, because I was thinking the other day that if I were to be 100% honest in any future job application I fill in, when asked why I am interested in working for their particular company, I would stick in a photo of the following:


Yep, I definitely have my career priorities right..

But seriously, do you think that someone can be happy in a job without being passionate about it? Because if not, I am clearly destined to a life of misery, with or without a 370z.