26 May 2012

Trends: three I like and three I just don't get

Contrary to what you might think, I generally do not follow trends. I'm not a particularly trendy person at all. Of course, if there is something trendy that I like I go right ahead and get it but I don't buy things just because everyone else has them. Though recently, certain recurring trends have caught my eye. Here are three I really like, and three I find utterly pointless:

Gold watches: I had been on the hunt for the perfect watch for probably about a year until I found this beauty. I am in love.
 Who needs a man when you can just have a man-watch?

Crosses: Is it me or has everybody suddenly become enraptured by this religious symbol? I am not even a Christian and I get offended by how the cross has become a mere fashion item. It's everywhere, and half the time it's upside down, I mean WTH? I don't care if I'm taking this "too seriously", the reality is is that even of you're an atheist you can't deny that the cross used to be used to torture and kill people. How is that now a fashion statement?

Evil eye jewelry: It may not actually have any protective powers but the eye certainly looks pretty good on jewelry.

Creepers: I don't care how much of a hipster you are. You can instagram all the filtered, weird-angled pictures of them you want but just remember that no one, NO ONE can make those fugly things look good. Got to be the worst trend since jeggings.

I refuse to credit the source.

Loafers: Love them! Everyone should own a pair. Or two.


The "What's in my bag?" tag: This isn't a fashion trend per se but it's certainly a YouTube trend that I find unbelievably pointless. Have I missed something here because I simply don't understand who would care what's in some random person's handbag? These videos can be longer than 20 minutes of someone just pulling crap out of their bag and then explaining everything in mind-numbing detail. Don't they feel a bit silly sat in front of a camera filming it, what if someone randomly walked into their room..? The whole thing would look ridiculous. I mean I've actually seen someone pull out a legit sanitary pad and then explain why she carries it. WOWOWWWOOW.


Anonymous said...

They wear the cross upside down to show that it is an inverted cross which is satanic. Inverted in which to display the left side of things, or the opposite of things. The one eye usually refers to dajjal..


As-salaam alaikum said...

I think this might interest a pharmacist:


Stylish Muslimah said...

Maria: Yeh I know about the upside down thing, it's messed up man. Umm I don't think the eye refers to dajjal; I have always heard that it's simply used to ward off the evil eye.

Salaam: Wow that's really interesting, I've never heard of them before but it turns out they were used in the 1980's for mass vaccinations. Thanks for posting.

Salam :)

HijabRevival.. said...

I don't get it either! Lol made me giggle..

Fatima said...

I was obsessed with watches a while back, and built up quite a collection. I still love 'em, but hate it when they come back in trend. Prices tend to skyrocket. :((
I dont like loafers at all, but to each her own. Like, Aliya bought herself a pair. And they are the only ones I can find okay looking. I dunno, I think I just think they r 4 boys only... Eww what are those HUGE shoes?! CREEPERS?! EWWWW!!! LOL, never even heard of them! Oh and the cross thing is definitely turning into a major trend. Its everywhere! EVEN ON CHILDS CLOTHING! Its sooo hard to find the kids in family decent clothing now! Yuck. I only heard of Hands of Fatima, never the evil eye...But ah well, learn something new each day. Never heard of the What's in my bad tag either...Then again, I dont like YouTube much. Too many strange commercials and ads. Like, embarrassing ones. I remember back in the day when pads where referred to as the "unmentionable" LOL.


As-salaam alaikum said...

Study: The higher you are in social standing, the more likely you are to commit unethical/illegal acts.


Ohemaa said...

I am a Christian, and we wear crosses to be recognized as Christians, as well as to remind us of our own faiths. It's not a trend for us, nor is it something to be mocked.

Anonymous said...

Asalammu Alaikum Sister! I have several wide and skinny belts from my pre-hijab days. I was wondering how to wear them so that they show because they are all very nice belts that I spent a good deal of money on. Can you help me? Jazak'Allah Khair!
-Amina Dz

Johanna said...

I totally see where you're coming from with the crosses! I'm a Christian myself and the cross has so many meanings to the religion and I just think it's wrong that it's everywhere - on clothes, jewellery, accessories... Everywhere! I think that if you wear a symbol of any kind you should be able to stand for what it means. I wear a small cross-necklace as a sign of my faith and as a reminder of my identity as a christian. There's so many people who wear crosses - and the ones turned upside down - without a single thought on what it really means. It just buggs me so much, and I'm glad that you've reacted too! :)

Haute Muslimah said...

lol, you're hilar :)

ris said...

It is really usual to watch lot of people using crosses due to fashion, but it is offensive to see many of them which are using it have not even respectable behavior before God. I really dislike this. And the eye jewelry looks very nice.