23 June 2013

Hijabifying a look for less

I really like the look below so I decided to re-create it to make it slightly more hijab (and day) appropriate.


All items used are £30 or under :)


20 June 2013

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19 June 2013

Smart hijab outfit idea

I finally finished university!!!!

I wouldn't be surprised if nobody reads this blog anymore because I have been away for so long. I have been super busy with finals exams, which finally came to an end last week, alhamduli'Allah! I cannot believe that I have finally finished four years of university and that it was that long ago that I put on hijab and made a blog post about what I'm going to wear to freshers day! 

I am now off for a month and if all goes well and I pass I will be starting my pharmacy training year after that, insha'Allah. I will try to post more regularly from now on!

For now I shall leave you with some random, lovely hijab photos that  I found earlier in the SM folder. If any of them belong to you please let me know as I have totally forgotten which sites I got them from. 

This is one of my favourite hijab pictures, I was saving it to use at a more appropriate time but YOLO (joke.. JOKE!):

What awesome colour combinations:

I think high-low dresses look really nice. 

Not that hot on those jeans with boots tucked in but I just think the photo looks cool.

And some slightly classier looks to finish :)

Enjoy the rest of your day :)