29 September 2010

Another Beautiful Recitation - Surat Ya'sin

Of course, we should try to listen to the Quran often but I think it's especially important when we cannot pray to try to make up for it.

28 September 2010

Tablecloth Chic

I have lost count of the number of times that I have read a comment in which the writer orders any woman who chooses to cover according to the laws of Islam to take off what they so endearingly describe as their 'tablecloths'. Now, I don't necessarily think that wearing what looks like a tablecloth is a bad thing.. (neither did Michael Kors in Spring '09, apparently).

Anyway, if they are so adamant that we wear tablecloths, it would be rather rude to deflate their conviction by walking around in, I dunno.. blue bedsheets, perhaps..

Tablecloth Chic

Tablecloth Chic by Zaenab

(P.S. I accidentally deleted the last 25 comments written on the blog.. sorry..modern technology is just too confusing)

19 September 2010


I find myself loving and hating the above look at the same time.. Loving because of it's beautiful modesty and striking monochrome colours and hating because of those ghastly shoes and that 'I'm pregnant' pose. I've reinvented the look with a slightly younger twist, losing the peep-toes but hopefully keeping the modesty:

Monochrome.. Nearly

Monochrome.. Nearly by Zaenab

Of course the dress is intended to be paired with a black long sleeve top underneath :)

17 September 2010

Zain's Request: Roll Neck Tops

SM reader Zain emailed me asking where should could buy polo necks to wear under short sleeved dresses online. Here are a few shops:

1. ASDA Direct: You can get basic viscose roll necks in a range on colours from £6 and wool roll necks from just £8

2. Wallis: Basic viscose roll necks for £26 in a selection of colours

3. House of Fraser: They currently have a sale where you can pick up a jersey polo neck for £7.50 but not all sizes are available.

4. Dorothy Perkins: Basic viscose roll necks for £16 in a few colours

5. Warehouse: For £18, you can get a basic viscose roll neck from a range of mainly dark colours

If you live in the UK, check out Primark (and H&M) where you may find polo necks for cheaper. Hope that helps :)

15 September 2010

Another Headscarf Style To Try

Nearly a year after adopting the Hijab, I am getting so sick of the standard shayla wrap so I was looking for some new styles to give a go on YouTube and found this lovely tutorial by hijabi user aberdeenchap:

Now I'm off to try it myself :)

11 September 2010

Happy International Burn The.. Nevermind..

I don't know why but Pastor Terry Jones vividly reminds me of a clown.

The prophet Jesus/Isa (May Allah's [SWT] peace and blessings be upon him) said:

Be to the people like the earth below in meekness, like the flowing water in generosity and like the sun and the moon in mercy, which shine on the good and sinner alike."
(Oh and Eid Mubarek everyone :D :D :D - Love from Zaenab)

06 September 2010

Eid Look

An outfit idea for Eid that I made on Looklet..

Just add a plain scarf to complete :)

02 September 2010

Randon Pics

These outfits are designed by Rizalman Ibrahim for Puteh Boutique and I think they make great style inspiration.

The pose tells me that she's probably fasting..

Of course there are minor hijab tweaks needed but we all know that.