06 September 2010

Eid Look

An outfit idea for Eid that I made on Looklet..

Just add a plain scarf to complete :)


Anonymous said...

Throw a burqa on top of that and we're good to go.

Indonesian Prince.

mizzyN said...

i want to adapt this for raya. I just bought a black dress much like this a fewa days ago :)

F i K a said...

I love this look!! perfect maxi dress combine with a great outer :)

Zaenab said...

Indonesian Prince: Do you know what a 'burqa' is or are you just using the incorrect western definition? Below is a link to what an arabic 'burqa' actually is:


Anonymous said...

Why would you ask if I know what a burqa "really" is?

And you don't think a plain scarf would be too loose?

Indonesian Prince

n.a said...

Really cute mashallah!

Who is this Indonesian Prince guy? He is constantly stalking your site obsessively putting idiotic, ignorant comments that do not contribute any value whatsoever to the discussion of Muslim women's fashion. Does he not have a life?

But I give you major props Zaenab for putting up with him:)

Saba said...

I love that maxi dress!

Dina said...

ohh you play looklet too!
me too! i made lots of beautiful muslimah looks :-)
and i just started a blog about muslim fashion, please check out http://sisterhoodfash.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Zaenab said...

n.a. Hahaha I knoww, he's not even Indonesian OR a prince lol

"Indonesian Prince": Because if you knew what a burqa 'really' was you wouldn't say 'throw a burqa on top of that'. And no to your next two questions.

Anonymous said...


"It is worn OVER the usual daily clothing (often a long dress or a shalwar kameez) and removed when the woman returns home , out of the view of men that are not her family."

I think I DO know what a burqa is.

n.a., if I had something to contribute to Muslim women's fashion, I would be a little scared. But I have made many posts that do contribute in other ways.

Be thankful that I don't go on either of your three boring-ass blogs and comment on that horrible noise you call "music".

Indonesian prince

Zaenab said...

LOL, wikipedia?!! Please don't be rude about other peoples blogs.. if you don't go on them, how do you know what they're about?

fatima said...

I want! :)

Anonymous said...

Indonesian Prince sounds pretty sociopathic and misogynistic. Why's he on a girl's fashion blog anyway?

Anonymous said...

Indonesian Prince , banci lo nyasar2 di blog nya anak cewek..ga ada kerjaan ya ? apa lo di kucilin sama para cowok ?