02 September 2010

Randon Pics

These outfits are designed by Rizalman Ibrahim for Puteh Boutique and I think they make great style inspiration.

The pose tells me that she's probably fasting..

Of course there are minor hijab tweaks needed but we all know that.


HijabRevival.. said...

these are all hot!

Adhlin said...

hi dear...
really love this collection..
it's beautifully designed by our malaysian designer, rizalman ibrahim for Puteh Boutique.. u may google it, for more info =)

Kiut Shop said...

This image is probably taken from http://rizalmanibrahim.blogspot.com
He is a very creative & talented designer from Malaysia
Sharing is caring :)


Zaenab said...

Thanks guys for letting me know who designed them :D xxx

n.a said...

so pretty and elegant!

Shukura Li said...

i love how she tied hers so high up, its look really regal and unique

do u have a tutorial for this?
i love ur blog!!