17 September 2010

Zain's Request: Roll Neck Tops

SM reader Zain emailed me asking where should could buy polo necks to wear under short sleeved dresses online. Here are a few shops:

1. ASDA Direct: You can get basic viscose roll necks in a range on colours from £6 and wool roll necks from just £8

2. Wallis: Basic viscose roll necks for £26 in a selection of colours

3. House of Fraser: They currently have a sale where you can pick up a jersey polo neck for £7.50 but not all sizes are available.

4. Dorothy Perkins: Basic viscose roll necks for £16 in a few colours

5. Warehouse: For £18, you can get a basic viscose roll neck from a range of mainly dark colours

If you live in the UK, check out Primark (and H&M) where you may find polo necks for cheaper. Hope that helps :)

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