14 June 2010

A Take On The Egyptian Hijab

Somebody a while back asked me to do a tutorial on the infamous Egyptian wrap. I'm not hot on it because it doesn't cover the neck and ears fully even with a polo neck. So I have adapted the look a bit so that it fulfills the requirements of hijab but still involves, well, a lot of wrapping.. Hope you like. Sorry the photos aren't great, I took them on my webcam:

Here's the finished look:


Put one scarf on your head with one end longer than the other as per usual..

Tie the scarf in a knot at one side of your neck..

Put the second scarf over the top with the long part on the same side as the short part of the first scarf and vice versa. Tie in the same way on the opposite side of the neck..

..so you get something that looks like this..

Next, take the first scarf and wrap it back over the second..

..all the way around. You can pin to keep it in place..

Now take the second scarf and wrap it the same way you did the first..

..to get this..

Finally, take the first scarf like so..

Fold it back and pin it in place..

Voila! You should get something that looks like this:

- Use thin but not netted or really see through scarves together
- Don't do more that two layers, it's overkill.
- Try out different colours but keep it simple. It would be too much, for example, if you used patterned scarves.
(Sorry for lack of face..!)


Anonymous said...

i dont like it much either but not caus of my neck. it looks pharoh ish as my husband calls it..lol


N said...

nice :)

Anonymous said...

AA sister :)
Is there a possible summer look to this hijab style? It looks very thick, and 'wintery'. LOL

Maj said...

Wow, Im going to try this very soon....thanks for sharing and having easy to folllow photos with it! (Im glad the neck and ears are covered in the hijab style)

Hannah Afia said...

Salaam! Awesome tutorial, I like it [:

mimi said...


I wear the "egyptian" style often. The two ways that I have solved the neck issue have been:

1. Wearing a 100% cotton amira HOOD under and wrapping over it. Tucking the hood in my collar-less shirt.

2. MY FAVORITE - pin my polo neck to my 100% cotton pull on underscarf then wrapping. I pin at the back and both sides near ears. I don't use tie back underscarves because my hair always gets tied in and they leave marks.