24 June 2010

Stunning Islamic Gowns

I found a complete gem of website the other day called Irna la Perle, an Indonesian company that features possibly the most beautiful (and modest) Muslim dresses I've ever seen. The prices are not shown (which can only mean one thing, unfortunately) but you can request information on the pieces using the form provided on the site.

The collection is not big at all, but I love what's there:

Wedding gowns:

Absolutely stunning, adore the buttons and the modest cut of this next one. My future wedding dress is officially sorted (Insha'Allah.. obviously):

Normal dresses:

These beautiful pink dresses are impeccably designed - they don't even need accessorising:

The site also does some interesting headpieces and Hijab accessories.. I'm not hot on them all but I do quite like these ones, whether or not I'd wear them is another question:

They call this next one a buckle as it's doesn't have any pins to ruin your scarves, lovely!

A bit too cyborg-ish for my liking..

Whoda thought putting a necklace onto a Hijab would work so well, eh?


Señorita Andalucíana said...

Those outfits remind me of a Lady Gaga outfit! The one where she had pearls glued onto her everywhere. It may not have been what you were going for but very stylish and artistic :)

Maybe that's why it reminded me of Gaga...though her "style" can be questionable ;D

Anonymous said...

o wow! great looks!


Anonymous said...

If I were a princess i would wear them all, sooo pretty! Assalamu alaykum

Rania@FashioningFaith said...

Assalamu'alaikum, Zaenab.
I'm a big fan of Irna La Perle too... I love her collection, so gorgeous! :)

nova rusma said...

omg i wanna wear that someday when im getting married! haha its so beautiful!

nisanichan said...

i love the pink dress :D

sister in Scandinavia said...

the dresses are lovely, but probbably not for someone with normal wages, they look lovely and expensive.

Indonesian Dita said...

yes they are very beautiful..and very expensive also..
as i know, the wedding gown price (maybe the other wedding gown) is about fifteen to twenty million rupiahs, which is about fifteen to twenty hundreds US dollar..huhuuu
and the hijab is about 300 thousands rupiahs per piece, or about 30 US dollar.. :)

Sit Norhajjar said...

I love how they put accessories on the scaf! Wow!

linglinglia said...

gown design looks eccentric but amazing too :)