15 September 2009

107-year-old Malaysian Hijabi Seeks 23rd Hubby

Check this article out, I don't really know what to make to if apart from it made me chuckle a little.


M.J. said...

AAAH!!! lol wow

kakchik said...

ramadhan kareem sis.

regarding the article, actually she already married him a few years ago. now she's 107 and he's 38 and they are quite a happy couple (according to the local news on them).

people think it's funny but old people feels lonely too.

Zaenab said...


Ramadan Kareem! Yeh, but she's looking for another hubby now lol as she thinks the young one is going to leave her!

Salam :D

Anonymous said...

i don't see a link..?

Anonymous said...

If her first marriage was at the age of 15, she switched husbands every 4.181818 years.


Clever Idiot said...

Omg I read the title as
"107-year-old Malaysian Hijabi Seeks 23 YEAR OLD Hubby"

I was like o.o at first haha!