24 September 2009

Those Long Sleeved Stretch Tops..

Have you ever seen a 'hijabi' who wears a short sleeved dress and pairs it with a long sleeved skin tight top underneath to cover her arms? How is the arm covered and hijabified when you can seen every single tiny lump, bump and curve through the material?! It is soo much more important to cover your entire body shape than your hair so here are some alternatives that are actually modest and I genuinely think they look better, fashion wise, than the horrible skin tight tops anyway!

Here are some formal gowns with models wearing headscarves:

Instead of the top underneath, I would say add a long sleeved bolero, jacket or cardigan over the top. I would personally go for the latter 2 as they will also cover your waist line better. Here are formal gowns modelled but women wearing hijab:

This next picture is soo modest, the dress is a good length and the jeans are loose and un-reaveling. The only problem is the arm covering:

This women is also wearing a dress, but has properly covered her arms (and neck..). And I think the outfit looks so much better:

Now I must say at this point that I don't completely and utterly hate them, in fact I have a few myself! But I use them on dresses with 3/4 length or slightly sheer sleeves and sometimes underneath a top with very loose sleeves so that your arms stay covered even if the outer sleeve rides up. Here are some examples:

I love the last outfit, though I don't like the hijab style very much :S Anyway, next time you get told that one of your hijabi wardrobe essentials is a selection of tight long sleeved tops remember Surat Al Nur and make sure you know exactly how they should be worn and you'll live hijabily ever after :D


Fatimah said...

i totally know what you mean about those layer ups! i have white shirts but def not the see through skin tight kind. i do love cardigans and little jackets, it makes the outfit look so much better :)

Nawal said...

maybe they dont see anything sexy about arms since everybody has them?

or they could view the verse to draw the veil over their bosom literally and not think it matters too much about sleeve tightness.....

just thinking

avan said...

okay i dont get this, y do so many bloggers go on about how ppl wear slightly fitted sleeves, n then show pictures n hijab dos where no ones covering their chest up@!>?

i think thats mre imp aspect of hijab dnt u think'//??

Anonymous said...

I love the last outfit! totally in love with the top!
i wanna get it!~ =(

KimDonesia said...

I agree! I used to dress like this, wearing the tight sleeves but Alhamdulillah my modesty is a lot better. I guess the tight sleeves under short-sleeved dresses or tops are good for new hijabis, though. It helps them slowly morph into correct hijab, starting by dressing a bit Western so it's not a huge dramatic change.

Zaenab said...

avan, actually if you read the post you'll find that i have said I don't really like the hijab style of the last pics. The reason why I didnt say it should be drawn to cover the breasts is a. because thats obvious and b. because i dont want too many 'harams!!' in one post lol.


Zaenab said...

Nawal: Yes I see your point, but most Muslim scholors agree that loose clothing should be worn so that you cannot see the womans figure not just so that you cant see her chest.


Zaenab said...

Kim: I so thought that as well about new hijabis! :D

Islamic Fashion said...

I don't see anything wrong with that !
Is it not transparent to see your skin,true is it tide but bare in mind that some of the clothes you are wearing can't be matched with something loose or bolero !
I wear this way and this is absurd , even this not to be allowed !
We will wake up tomorrow that we don;t have what to wear just for the sake that others keep finding harams in all clothes !
Sorry sister don't get me wrong is it not an reproach , just is it different opinions..

Aliya said...

I think long sleeve stretch tops are alright, as long as they match and aren't tight. I have several of these tops and they are pretty loose. And the ways I wear them make them look like theyre just part of the top Im wearing...