12 September 2009

Hijabi Beginner: Work Wear Request

Modest, non-hijabi/hijabi in training Nafessa has asked me to make a post on work and smart wear as she has a job interview next week. Although she doesn't wear hijab at the moment, she would like to wear it in the future, Insha'Allah, and is very conscious about dressing modestly first.

Now, Nafessa I have made this outfit especially for you but I am not going to make a whole post about smart dress because I have done so many smart hijab fashion articles before so check out the links at the end of this post of previous stuff in the blog!

In this outfit, the shirt is a tunic and the trousers are a wide-leg cut; left open, the cardigan will drape over and cover your figure without making you look swamped. I have added a scarf so that you have the option of completing your look with a smart Turkish style hijab.

Smart Wear

Here are some other posts I have done that you might find useful:

I hope that helps Nafeesa and best of luck with your interview, you'll walk it, Insha'Allah!


Jillian said...

Cute! And if she's not ready to wear hijab, she could still tie the scarf so it covers her chest!

clare said...

very classy masha'Allah, I also hope her interview goes well!

nafeesa said...

its just lovely zaenab.. i really like it..doesnt matter even it u dont make a whole new post on smart wear but it surely gives outfit ideas..thanks very much.

zainab said...

Thank you so much for your inspirational blog - I look forward to checking it out everyday! Mashallah, keep up the great work =)

Orang Tidak Penting said...

Alhamdulillah! Thanks Sis, it gives me idea too for what i'll wear to work

Anonymous said...

Thank youuuuu for this!


Anonymous said...

AMAZING blog..! MasyaAllah.. its simple.. but has much to say... love the fashion ideas.. all are gorgeous n classy.. too bad it dosnt hv the price though.. hehe but thats alright.. those pants r fab.. what is this type of pant calld..?

Zaenab said...

Anonymous: Hi, thank you, I'm glad you like the blog :D They are just wide leg trousers. If you click on the outfit, it will take you to Polyvore where it will give you all the links and prices of the items

{ T G L } said...

Very pretty! And nice to receive some advice for modest non-hijabis (or non-Muslims) so we can expand our options and dress with dignity. Keep on rocking the style!

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