30 September 2009

Request From "Islamic Fashion"

I made a quick style tip post the other day about putting your 'useless' scarves together to create a properly covered hijab look and someone called Islamic Fashion wanted to know how to get the above look that I was talking about so I have put together perhaps the most simplified hijab tutorial (if you can even call it that..) in the world. Hope it helps Islamic Fashion and that you like my amazing paint pics :D
1. Wrap a long narrow scarf shayla style (quite tightly) or put on an Al Amira one-piece if you prefer:

2. Wrap a bigger pashmina-style scarf around this but really loose and pin into place at the sides. I pin my scarves with those small gold safety pins from the inside so you can't see them and they don't slip out but you can use staright pins if you like them better:

This is what my hijab ends up looking like It's slightly different to the one up top but I prefer this style as it's not so tight so a lot more comfortable if you're wearing it all day. Sorry about the white-out, I don't wana be on the big scary net lol:

Believe it or not, I wore this for several hours the other day and it didn't slip off or anything and looked exactly the same when I got home :D What makes it better than some other loose hijab styles is that you know your neck, ears and chest are completely covered by the shayla underneath. Hope you like it!


Nawal said...


Islamic Fashion said...

Salam aleykum sister,
Thank you so much for creating a separate post for me, i really appreciate it.
Now i understand, so i need the cap under the sheyla ( i think it's much better and look more elegant , the same as kuwaitian style )

One more question:
How do you pin from inside? i tried several times and i ended up by cutting my checks.
Can u do a post with that ?
Jzakallah khair

Zaenab said...

Islamic Fashion: Thats OK! I pin with safety pins not straight pins so that I don't scratch myself and it stays in place :)just lift both edges of material to want to pin together by the side of your face and slide the pin through them then carefully close it.

Hope that helps!