27 September 2009

A Quick Style Tip

I always get excited when I see a hijab shop or stall and usually end up getting a new scarf but sometimes I get a bit carried away and don't pay full attention to what I'm actually buying. Like yesterday I was looking for a really thin hijab which I found and bought but the fact that the thinner the hijab the more transparent it is seemed to slip my mind until I got home :( anywayyy, the other day I bought a new black hijab but it was on a hanger thing and I failed to notice that it was really narrow so it looks like a tiny Al Amira hijab when you wrap it shayla style so it doesn't give any chest coverage at all :(
So I thought I'd just wasted a tenner on two useless hijabs but then I had a eureka moment and put them together and voila!! I've ended up with a look a lot like this but with black underneath and straw-coloured on top:

I put two pins on either side to secure everything in place and I love it! So if you have a few scarves you think are useless as hijabs try putting them together or use one as an undercap, it's fun and you'll probably end up with a couple of new looks :D It turns out two hijab wrongs can make a right after all lol.

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Islamic Fashion said...

Wow this is so nice sister !
I love this type of hijab wrapping.The hijab
did u wrapped twice or just one time?
I wish i can try it also.