07 September 2009

Around The World Hijab Style: Algeria

By the request of Ellen Mann today's instalment of around the world hijab style is Algeria and I've found some really cute photos:

I'm sure you all recognise her, Al Jazeera news reporter Khadija Ben Genna is Algerian and I love all the different smart outfits she wears with her hijabs, here's one:

Algerian women in abayas, I love the wrap style of the red and white hijab:

I love the loose, casual way they have wrapped their scarves, pink hijab day sorted!

A traditional hijab fashion shop selling Galabiyas in Algeria:

I like the glam abaya on the left:

I think they are outside a school or college, a striking photo with clear contrasts:

Clothes shops:

A mother and daughter? They clearly share hijab styling tips:

There are lots of different styles of hijab in Algeria:

More coming soon, Insha'Allah! If you have a request, email me or put it in the comments :D


Anonymous said...

I would love to see Morocco! they have amazing traditional clothing (especially the libsa and caftan) and it influences a lot of top european designers.

nur said...

those abayas in the boutique shop look fab. how can i get one?

Zaenab said...

yoLadyM: I have already done a post on Morocco here:


Nur: You should be able to get them from most abaya shops online, just google it :D


Hijab Chic said...

Those pink hijabs look SO cute :)

Natalia said...

salamu aleikum,
it's so nice to see Algeria - I lived there for two years. I was first terrified by the "tubes" the older women wear in Sahara (you can see in the last pic). They let just one eye open... but then I got used to :-)))
thanx a lottttt
waiting more... I would really like to see the Tatar fashion

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I really appreciate this.

Ellen Mann

Anonymous said...

whoever has this blog, i love your post!! i wear hijab and love fashion too!


Anonymous said...

came accross ur blog on google. and love it. i have bookmarked it!!! love the Algerian hijab, it is a dear place to me.
do you have pics of pakistan?

miss zyda said...

Nice blog you have! :)
When are you going to blog about Malaysian hijab style?
we are wearing the hijabs a bit different from women all over the world. :))

Anonymous said...

just to remind my sisters: hijab is to avoid attraction, hijab is protection, and hijab should be modest. hijab is NOT supposed to be what you call "fashionable". (ya ' mourona bil marouf). salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah.

The Mujahada in Prada said...

aSalaam uAlaikum!
Love your blog mash'Allah!! Your Around the World Hijab Styles is a wonderful idea mash'Allah!
And to the last sister who commented...I don't suppose this sister is trying to make hijab "fashionable" but is showing the certain "fashions" (ways of wearing them) throughout the world. I for one see nothing wrong with being a hijabi and being fashionable...you don't have to follow current trends or wear tight pants, but each woman has her own style and there is nothing wrong with that shining through in the way she wears hijab as long as it does not draw lots of attention from men. Allahu Ahlem.
Sister please check out my blog: www.veiledcouture.blogspot.com and please take a look at my handmade hijab pins at www.lovenyla.com (as well as other handmade jewelry)
Ma'Salaama and keep up the good work!

rikaa savitri said...

Would you like to see Indonesian moslem girl style?? :)

There are so many ladies wearing hijab here. Even there is permition to wear hijab at state school..