04 September 2009

Outfit Ideas

I love this outfit!! I found it while clearing out my Stylish Muslimah photo folder as it was getting insanely full :S To make it more casual, you could wear some loose jeans or those loose linen trousers you get in the summer or you could replace the jacket with an oversized on-trend version :D


mawaddah said...

i loveee it.=) it is so trendy..and looks sophisticated..don ya think soo=)

le poet said...

wow i love it too!!
but where do u think i can get the dress? =S

Zaenab said...

le poet:

Salam, the outfit is arriving soon at this website:


Anonymous said...

me too

le poet said...

i hope i have enough savings to buy it hahaa!
thx sis! jazakillahi kheir. (: