10 September 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Stylish Muslimah

It has been exactly one year today since I started the Stylish Muslimah blog and it's gone sooo fast, it's unbelievable!! This actually also marks the end of my gap year which I have enjoyed working in but am ready to move on and go to university (2nd October!) so you will probably see a lot more outfit sets for uni popping up :) I have made some very slight changes to the blog and have added a search box so that you can look through a whole year of hijab style at the click of a button :D Insha'Allah the second year will bring even more!
Salam Alaykom my lovely stylish sisters!


Skye said...

yayyy happy 1 year sis w0ot hehehehe

Aïsha said...

Happy birthday Zaenab's blog! And continue to share with us!

Fatimah said...

happy birthday :)