01 October 2009

Another University Outfit Idea

I'm sooo scared!!! I start uni tomorrow arghhh! Think I'm guna wear something along these lines, but not the chain bag I don't even like them that much I just couldn't really be bothered to find a nicer one lol:

Hijabi University Outfit Idea

Hijabi University Outfit Idea by Zaenab

Wish me luck! :S


zainab said...

Wish you all the best-I'm sure you'll be amazing at uni!

Nayeli said...

Have a beautiful day at uni, don´t worry, be happy ;)

nafeesa said...

zaenab just dont worry there is nothing to be scared of at uni:) it all just a fun life that everyone remembers thru their life just make the most of it:)take care and all the best for ur future