07 October 2009

Just Wondering..

Does anyone know a good online shop, apart from Shukr, that sells nice long denim skirts? I've yet to find my long sought after perfect shaped skirt :( Thanks in advance!



Anonymous said...

ohh yeahh ive been loooking for a new denim skirt for such a lon time but cnt find ne anywhere:( ive 2, both old losing colour..n one of em was made frm 2 pairs of old jeans!

Nikki said...

I like this one from Newport News:


but I'm not willing to spend that much.

There's two or three others on their site, but they're not for me. One's too tight, one's too ruffled, and one's got embroidery which reminds me of things I wore in middle school.... I'm not saying they couldn't look fabulous on someone else! I just wouldn't buy them for me.

Oooh, I forgot! I found (what I thought to be) the most beautiful full length jean skirt in the world from Christa Taylor. I ordered it, and it was way too big for me. The length is 38" no matter what size you order. I'm too short and they don't offer petite. :( Here's the link if you'd like: http://www.christa-taylor.com/p/modest-skirts/junees_long-sailor_bottoms_09/

I'm so upset about having to send it back. :(

Anonymous said...

There's a website called justdenimskirts.com that might have what you're looking for. Not all of them are full-length, but many are.

Anonymous said...


Fatimah said...

I don't but randomly (and I know this won't help---sorry), I have a few nice jean skirts from Old navy actually! I couldn't believe it when i found them years ago. they weren't tight and looked cute with casual stuff. I used to only wear skirts as a freshmen and college and had to really search around. good luck! i see you found one in the new post, yay!

Anonymous said...

it's a little late, but I love these ones from Long Tall Sally.

Here are two examples:




Michelle Yeung-Harmer said...

Asalamu alaikum, I had a great one from Marks and Spencer (in the UK), it was from the Per Una range but they won't do it anymore. I have a few long skirts from there and the Long length is fine for me (I'm 5ft 5"). I live in Toronto Canada now and fine there is a general lack of decent modest clothing out there! Anyone else in the Toronto area?

Anonymous said...

I hate 2 be obnoxious but I can get like any kind of skirt anyone could fathom here in KSA...really NICE ones for around $30 and under/over (dept on style)...skirts r very common and trendy here.

just email me...

Maliheh said...

I just came across your blog, and although many months late, I wanted to let you know of a store that I shop at. They have great amazing denim skirts:



Anonymous said...

Im kinda late but denimskirts.com has a good range of skirts (not just denim) for good prices. Its an American shop but delivers to the UK and Canada. And I LOVE YOUR BLOG


--Minha Aliya

Stylish Muslimah said...

Minha - Thank youu :)) I'm so glad you like the blog!