10 May 2009

Lady Muslima - New Hijab Site

Lady Muslima is a new Indonesian hijab clothing site that I was browsing with some great deals to be found. As it's new, the range isn't huge but the prices certainly aren't either. I really like the Indonesian style hijabs they sell and some of the tunics are cute too. And get this, abayas start from 10 pounds! Here's an abaya I like from there (left), it's only 11 pounds:

Yellow Dress

Here are some other stuff I like:

All of those lovely hijabs are under 8 pounds so it's well worth checking it out, here :D


Coffee Catholic said...

You have such a lovely blog!!!

If you or any of your readers are interested, I've started my own hijabi blog but it's private so I have to go around letting hijabis know. If you'd like to be added to the list just email me at:


(Yes, that's spelled correctly!)

feel free to spread the word! That's the only way I can let people know haha!

hannah said...

thanks for the tip!! the outfits look very cute.

Dilshad said...

thank u so much zaenab.i love indonesian hejab.the outfits are gr8.