22 May 2009

Biscuit Jilbab

I found this biscuit coloured jilbab and I looove it :D

I love the cut of it and the flared skirt, it's 60 pounds from masoomah.co.uk which is a bit pricey but if you're a full time "jilbabi" then I think it's a good buy. If not, you could always go for a cheaper maxi dress with a similar cut and colour. Here's how I would accessorize it:

It's so simple, you could create hundreds of looks with the right accessories and turn it into a casual day look or a glam night look, even better it comes in loads more colours so whats not to like?!


*~Ange~* said...

i also love it. and in that colour it would go with everything. nice pick!

le poet said...

omg! i lovee the jilbab!
thx for the post sis!

Angeliquez said...

wow,that full flared skirt it gorgeous..
i love love it..
trying to make on exactly like that is on my to do list now!

Afia said...

Looove the flared jilbab! :D


Ona said...

wow I've never liked jilbabs over abayas before but the ones on that site are amazing!

also, where are those sandals from?


Zaenab said...

Ona, the sandal link is below but be warned, they are pricey!
Zaenab :)


jom makan said...

Salam,love your blog sis...