10 March 2010

Random Hijab Photos

I'm reallyyy busy at the moment so sorry for the recent lack of posts :S Here are some random pics that I found in my 'Stylish Muslimah' file, they have been ignored for far too long as I have not had a need for them in any post - until now that is. Sorry, no time to narrate I have 3 coursework deadlines and a bloody test to revise for. Remind me.. what's so rewarding about "getting an education" again?? The neanderthals got by just fine as far as I know.
Ahh, I do love a white headscarf, it looks great on all colour complexions even though you might not think it would:


Anonymous said...

I know the girls in the last two pictures. Have you asked their permission before posting their pictures here?

Anonymous said...

i'm wearing hijab too,,
those pictures inspired me,,

myownpersonalrehab said...

You are a med student right? I'm thinking of that career pathway, even though I'm only a freashman in high school. I'm kinda really serious about my studies

Shasharishi said...

Loving the woolen hijab look with huge cardi and low-slung belt. Missing your inspiration! All the best with the test - stick with it, and set your mind towards how you want your life to look in the future - this is just a stepping stone and it's importance will shrink into perspective as it retreats into the past. x

American Niqabi said...

I really love the third photo, the pink hijab looks really cute! Personally, I think the first one looks funny. Her hijab is way to high, it reminds me of an alien head lol. I like the scarf itself though.

Zaenab said...

Anon: No, I found the photos on Google images

myownpersonalrehab: heya, no im doing pharmacy but good on you! :D

Wa Salam

Anonymous said...

oo i love the irani photo!!! and a few of the turkish ones.

mimi from the sisters at

Anonymous said...

i forgot to ask. did u make your layout or find it somewhere i realllllllllly like itk!!!!! mashallah


Fatimah said...

i totally get what you mean about school...in the same position right now and it's spring break!

Kate said...

Hey! Love this heejabi style pics.

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Nilla~ said...

some of photos were taken in Turkey it seems,but let me tell you;
these kind of styles are worn by suburbans,i mean not the real hijab fashion/modest clothing in Turkey.We don't wear such kinds of esharbs :)
hope i wasnt offensive,just wanted to inform :)

Anonymous said...

Saheeh Muslim # 2128 (5633). The wording is:

"There are two types of people from the people of the hell-fire whom I've never seen before. A people who had whips like the tails of cows beating the people with them. Women who are dressed but naked. Those who sway and cause others to sway, whose heads are like the humps of camels. They will not enter into paradise nor smell its fragrance, although its fragrance can be smelled from the distance of such such."