15 December 2009

An Almost Perfect Dress :D

While using the internet as a trusty means of avoiding the ever increasing chemistry revision I have waiting for me today, I came across the almost perfect dress in ASOS. If it wasn't for the 3/4 length sleeves I wouldn't be waiting for it to go into the sale as it is only 25 pounds!! Although I tend to stick to wide leg jeans, I think straight cuts (not skinnies..) would be fine with this dress as it's so long. I'm now debating weather to buy it now while they still have my size OR do some revision so I have an excuse to buy it OR wait until midnight on Xmas to see if it goes into the sale and then buy weather or not it is.. and to make the decision even more difficult, p&p/returns are free.. hmm what a predicament I find myself in..


zahra said...

Salaam :)

how i love asos! if only i could get cheap shipping to Australia *sigh*. i have the exact same problem when it comes to internet shopping. dunno whether im being too impulsive or if im missing out on a chance. everything stays in checkout for ever till i give up or they refresh it haha.

Anonymous said...

i can buy land for 25pounds in some countries.

you should hold on to your dough for the future.

-indonesian prince

Candice said...

Love it! I think it's great even though it's 3/4 sleeves since we can wear it with forearm sleeves and that can give a cool matchy look when you have an underscarf the same colour something.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom,
Ah, the internet is a wonderful tool... for putting off other work! I do the same thing. And I also do the same thing as Zahra, I window shop on the internet! It's been so long since I've purchased anything online. I usually leave it all in checkout and then convince myself to close the window. That is a nice dress, it *is* a shame it's not got full sleeves. I can't wait for 3/4-length sleeves to go away!

Zaenab said...

Candice: Nice idea! :D I think I guna wait to see if it goes into the sale..

(Or.. I'll put the money into an African Land Fund instead lool :D)