04 December 2009

Artizara - A Quick Reveiw

If you know anything about hijabs online then you will have probably have come across Artizara.com at some point during your searches on the net. I generally like the site, especially the formal wear that they have, as they can actually be classed as modest enough to wear in a mixed environment unlike some of the shockers being called hijab that I have seen on other Islamic sites lol. Here are some I like:

My favorite, I really want it! The ruffled sleeves are so cute :D

Traditional galabya, lovely:

Gold or Brown? Decisions, decisions..

OK, this isn't formal, but I have a thing for cardigans, especially big knitted ones like this:

The site is worth a look, so for prices and the rest of their collection, click here. Would just like to state that I have not shopped at this particular site before so cannot review their service myself, however, I have checked reviews from independent sites and all seems good! (P.S. 15% off all new customer orders!).


Gabby Hijabi said...

assalamu alaikum. i am very familiar with this site as it is one of my favorites. the clothes are a bit pricey btu oh so beautiful!! i have not seen the outfits on pic #1 and the last.. and it has only been a week.. they must be new.. now i want to see for myself what other new items they have. thanks for the update. asslamu alaikum.

Zuhura said...

I bought my wedding dress from them and the customer service was great, Mashallah.

si tulips! said...

salam,,i'm fall in love with your blogg!!!


tealovecoffee said...

Sometimes it's a little bit tricky to wear abaya... Using wrong abaya, ones can look like much older than they should :)

Armeen said...

luv d 1st 1...we call it Chudidaar sleeves in India/Pak.

Armeen said...

I mean, ruffled sleeves=chudidaar sleeves

Candice said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome, yeah they have such nice stuff now! Back in the day their designs were sooo old-fashioned and suitable to older Muslim women. Now there designs are quite fresh and fun! I ordered a tunic from them before leaving for KSA and although I don't wear it much here, its a nice addition to my wardrobe and will be great for a summer day with a blk hijab and black skirt. mashallah

They also shipped fast!