19 March 2010

Wide Leg Trousers: Hijab Fashion

They are a hijabis best friend and pretty much a wardrobe staple, however wide leg jeans/trousers are not always the easiest to dress - it seems that straight cuts just go with everything and are generally much easier to wear with a dress. Here are some ideas to dress your wider trousers:


Inspired by the above photo, I put together this outfit on Looklet:

I like the outfits in these pics, just add a long cardigan or a long line blazer (both bang on trend) and scarf to complete the look:

Here is a wide leg look I did on Polyvore a while back:

The Smart Hijabi

The Smart Hijabi by Zaenab

A similar look is worn here by Posh, I love the cross between smart and casual:


A great summer look and wide rimmed straw hats actually look really good with a loosly tied scarf, believe it or not.

The utility look is big right now, so get down to gap for trousers similar to these and stay right on trend:

Here's a casual wide leg looked I put together on Looklet.com:

Hope this inspires you with some new wide leg trouser outfits :D


Anonymous said...

great post girl!! i love the first and third picture.

*~Ange~* said...

these look so cute

Anonymous said...

I'm Muslim myself, but personally i don't like wide leg pants, they pretty much sallow you up and look baggy tacky.


TiiNyOn3 said...

yer great post. looove the first pic.
my comment is that it sucks how these looks suit mostly tall and skinny girls. wide leg trousers plus a long top on a short and wide girl look very old and bulcky ={

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Shasharishi said...

Wide leg trousers have to be treated very carfully, with a tunic you can be at risk of looking a bit like a fir-tree... a-line over a-line! I like the blouse with high waisted look covered by a longline cardi, also, the fist picture is the epitome of chic for me with widelegs, love the little hat too may have to style a scarf around that... My difficulty is finding wideleg trousers that hang well, fit well but are not too tight in the crotch.. plazzo pants! More experimentation is definitely warrented ladies!

naki said...

nice photos.

Sonia said...

oh my i love this!

Anonymous said...

i really dony like wideleg pants they look too clown like nd masculine, esp wen ur petite u just get swamped!!

i just wear tighter pants with something longer on top...