05 April 2010

Styling Your Hijab To Suit Your Face Shape - Part 2

I did a more extensive post on hijab styles for the three most common face shapes a while ago (here) but since then I have had a few requests to suggest different styles for round and also heart shaped faces. I thought I would do another post, as a continuation of the last, for both of these shapes as they are pretty similar.

Last time, I mentioned that if you have a round face you should avoid tight hijab styles like this:

The model already has a roundish face, this style just makes her look like a football - a bald football.

.. I also suggested that Turkish hijab styles were the best for round faces as they make them appear longer and thinner if worn correctly, ie. covering the sides of the cheeks but leaving the chin and forehead free (the 1st picture illustrates the importance of the forehead when it comes to finding the right style for your face shape - not sure those two have got it right though..)

One girl who commented (and no doubt many others) does not feel comfortable in the Turkish style hijab for one reason or another, but she wants something to complement her circular face. I would suggest you try the Mona hijab, this is tight underneath - a nightmare on its own - but comes attached to a lovely sheer shayla that you can loosely drape across the sides of the cheeks to elongate the face:

You can bring the 'shayla' as forward or back as you like; if you notice with the model below, had she brought it forward to sit across part of her cheeks, her face would have appeared longer. If she had taken it further back on the head, to reveal her cheeks, her face would have appeared rounder:

You can also use this concept to create the same style with scarves that you already have in your wardrobe:

Hope this helps!


Afia said...

Salam Sis Zaenab,

I'd like to offer a discout coupon for your readers. How should I go about doing that? I've tried sending you email but maybe you receive too many spams & dont get my mail :) Let me know soon ya.. :))

Zaenab said...

Hi, aw thank you! Just send me the details and I will get back to you as soon as I can :D


camilia said...

where is that black hijab from?