12 April 2010

Ahmina's Wedding Look Request

Ahmina is a 15 year old hijabi who wants an outfit for a mixed wedding she will be attending. She says that she doesn't want something too grown up. Here are some ideas from my past Polyvore outfits..

You could replace the cardigan with a sequined one to jazz this look up (maybe not a black maxi either..!)

Black Maxi

Black Maxi by Zaenab

Depending on how formal the whole thing is going to be and how close you are to the bride/groom, you could get away with jeans, especially if you want a younger look anyway:

Golden Dress

I would have loved to do a nice long post on the subject but I have loooots of revision to do so must dash but I have done a lot of other posts on similar subjects so have a browse through them for more ideas. Here are some that I think you would find useful:

The perfect combination for a formal look

Formal dinner hijab look

Prom dresses - Hijab Style

*Please note that I do have exams coming up so I'm genuinely not being rude by choosing to answer only certain requests like Ahmina's. I read all of the emails sent to the SM email address but I can't make posts for all of them straight away. Also, I get quite a lot of requests to make posts on subjects I have posted on a lot in the past so I'd like to ask you to search the blog before making a request - just use the search box at the top left had corner. Thank you :D*


Anonymous said...

Salaams Zainab!

Im 13 and will inshallah be graduating from a public middle school in june. I have absolutely no idea what to wear as there are no other muslim females attending this school and all the non muslims wear is short tight skirts. Thanks in advance!!

-----Minha Aliya

Stylish Muslimah said...

Minha: Ramadan Kareem! I think a maxi dress is your best bet. There are many styles out there - you can check out my polyvore looks for some inspiration (side-bar) and also have a look at other people's outfits on there.

Salam :)

Anonymous said...

Salams Zainab!

Unfortunately Im too short and thin to wear a maxi and ussually end up looking drowned. Could you do post for me oon how to wear the scarf and outfit choices? Thanks Again!!

-minha aliya

Stylish Muslimah said...

Yes ok, do you mind if it's after Ramadan though? As your thing is in June.

Salam :)

Anonymous said...

Sure :), as long as its before black friday :D

Salams and Thanks
Minha Aliya

Anonymous said...

Zainab! My graduation look please? Thanks :D

--Minha Aliya