30 October 2008

Prom Dresses

Finding a modest and trendy prom dress can be hard, so much so that you might end up not even wanting to go to your school prom :( In this post I'm going to try and find some pretty but covered dresses that you can wear to your prom:


Here are some dresses that come ready to wear:

This dress is lush, its from buyaweddingdress.net and the site has loads of other cute sleeved dresses to check out. These next dresses come with boleros:

They are from nordstrom.com, this site has a small selection of other dresses that come with a bolero. If you want a long sleeved bolero instead, a cheap selection, including the ones below are available here.

After diamonds, boleros really are a girls best friend. They greatly increase your options, allowing you to buy a sleeveless long dress. I love this one from davidsprom.com which has a really nice selection of long dresses.

I would wear it with this bolero by Marc Jacobs (£415 eek!) as sequins are all the rage at the moment :D

Not many Islamic sites do nice formal gowns but modernmuslimahs has got a few new designs, this being my fave:
I'm not sure it's really great for prom to be honest but its beautiful anyway.

The last and my favorite dress by far..

It's such a beautiful dress, I love it! The lace bolero would need a cream top underneath but that's the only problem there is really. It's from neimanmarcus.com and comes in at a very modest $380 (it's on sale). Even though I have no prom I am seriously thinking about getting it to save for special occasion.
latterdaybride.com is also worth having a look at for modest dresses.


Turkish hijabs are so elegant, I think they are a good option to go for:

You can buy square hijabs from loads of places including: rayannesdesigns, taibaoutfitters, some great pure silk square scarves here and polyester and silk hijabs from primomoda

It doesn't have to be a square hijab though, here is a cute way to wear hijab and cover the ears and neck while still wearing earrings, great for prom:

Another way to get a similar effect can be found here with a step by step explanation too (style 2). And finally, thehijabshop is a good place to look to headscarves too. I can't put all the hijab shops because I would be here forever so here is a directory of all the hijab shops online you will ever need to know about in your entire life.

Hope you liked this post because it took me ages even though its not that long lol.. *falls asleep*


Yasmin said...

I remember when I went to my high school prom, I did wear a bolero jacket that my mom made me. My dress was black and a soft pink, so the bolero was black with pink lining and had bell sleeves. It was really pretty.

Anonymous said...

how can you go to prom? its all music and dancing. i don't know, but i consider it haram to go to prom. if I'm wrong, please enlighten me. I'm only a freshman. :)

Yasmin said...

well this was during my not soo islamic years where I really didn't care and got into all sorts of things, but now I believe going to Prom is not a good option because of the music, dancing, and mixing of sexes. Would I go if I was the person I am today? No.

*~Ange~* said...

i like the first one and the brown hijabi one

Zaenab said...

i dont think its haram. you dont have to dance you can just go and hang out with your girl friends. Islam isnt a hard religion and Allah (SWT) knows our intentions. fun is good!

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

ASA Sister,
Thanks for posting this. I like the style and I think I'll try it.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with zaenab.

Kiona said...


i'm a Dutch girl and i'm not islamitic, but i like your way of clothing style, (my english is very bad you now) i love al lot of the dresses on these site!

Great job!


Anonymous said...

I'm a muslim girl. I was just looking at the dresses. Im in love with the second one. The maroon one. Its so elegant, pretty, modest, and it seems perfect. Just had to let you know that.

Amanda said...

I find this really sad. Girls, going to a prom is totally harmless. Music is totally harmless. Chatting to boys is totally harmless. Having fun with fashion and showing your neck and hair are totally harmless. Maybe it's the boys and guys who should look at their behaviour instead of making girls and women walk around in what are essentially different coloured table cloths. You only get one life. Ditch all this rubbish before you waste yours. This is not Pakistan.

Of course this will be moderated out.
A mum

Zaenab said...

Hi Amanda,
The only thing that saddens me is that you are under the impression that because this blog belongs to a Muslim you will not be allowed to voice your opinion. I have always been opposed to comment moderation but have been forced to put it up because of hateful comments that I am sick of, quite frankly.
Moving on, whatever you may have been told about Islam, it does not force a women to adopt the ‘Hijab’ (which is modest dress – not a table cloth as far as I am aware) and if she wants to go to the prom with her neck out then that is her prerogative – in fact I did just this before I decided to put on the hijab about a year ago. If a woman is forced for whatever reason, then the person doing the forcing is not abiding by the rules of Islam.
About the comment on the males analyzing their own behaviour – Well, the Quran (Islamic holy book) tells men to lower their own gaze (i.e. not objectify women) and guard their own chastity and dress modestly BEFORE women are told wear the hijab and lower their gaze (i.e. not objectify men).
You might think that everything is “totally harmless” and that is your opinion – I’m not going to call it “rubbish”. But I have my own and if I want to choose who I show my body to and where I go and who I decide to chat to then I am entitled to my rights – this is the West after all not Pakistan, right?


American Niqabi said...

@ Amanda
So, Muslims wear tablecloths? What do catholic nuns wear? Look for paintings/drawings of the Virgin Mary. What is she wearing? Apparently, these "tablecloths" have been around for quite a while. Longer than bikinis and daisy dukes.

Anonymous said...

I am i LOVEE with that purple dress me and my freinds were just discussing b4 how a hijabi could pull of the 1 sleeved l0ok thank YUU :)

Anonymous said...

This is towards Amanda, if the world consisted of everyone who had good intentions, there was no rape, oppression, degrading of women,lust, and whatever else based on desiers would i still wear the hijab, honestly no. Hijab protects me from what you may think is harmless.This is from a girl who used to flirt with boys, went to parties, had boyfriends, wore revealing clothes.Wearing the hijab makes me realize how much of my time i was wasting having some harmless fun, where i could have been i don't know making a difference, educating my self, giving my self values, establishing my morality. I love to have fun, but i can also have fun by wearing the hijab, and what on earth are you talking about saying this is not pakistan, wow if you are a mother i feel for your children, there going to learn racist arrogant remarks, and will learn to disrespect different cultures. Anywho did not come to this blog to talk to you.
I am a senior and i am going to prom this year InshAllah, i think im more excited about what makeup i'm going to wear then my dress, however i don't know how it's going to be. I really like the last choice and what other formalish not over the top hijab ideas would you suggest?

Anonymous said...

Islam has many guidelines that are plain and simple. If someone wants to sin, they should hide it and not discuss it with anyone. If so then if they repent Allah will not even have this sin marked down at all in the book of good and bad deeds.

The segregation and modesty of men and women is a beautiful thing that is there to lessen the harmful (not harmless Amanda) actions in society. It is to hide the sin so it doesn't become normal and acceptable like today's non-Muslim culture has. Even being gay is cool apparently. Now everyone is doing it!

Zaeenab had a point about Amanda. Amanda please go and study what Islam is. All your harmless fun has led to a stream of disgusting sinful behavior becoming 'normal'. Do you know what they show on kids teen and tween shows? Girls obsessing over boys and girls wanting to have sex first. This is where all that harmless fun has led us. And the more the sin is public and deemed okay the worse the youth get. The higher teen pregnancy is, there is someone raped in the US like every 6minutes roughly. What a free country it is that it lets men have their way with women as they please. Come on. Don't be blind. Stop wasting your time with silly ideologies that have only ruined society. You only live once, so you better be productive in worshiping your creator.

A mum too.

Anonymous said...

hi amanda,
i honeslty think you should go learn about islam than write things like this on this website....
im 16 and i wear the hijab...im not forced to wear it, it was my choice and still is.
btw in the quran it is haram to force anyone into anything.
so maybe you should go someplace else with your "harmless" facts that you got there.....
btw i go to a catholic school and im planning on going to prom and have fun just not do anything haram..for example im not going to dance with guys and i will chatt with guys but in a respectful way.
and honestly i feel bad for your kids because they will be just like you if you continue like this.
From a 16 year-old who hates it when english people think they know everything about islam.

Alice in Africa said...

Don't you get terribly hot wearing all this? I'd worry about heat exhaustion.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Alice: A dress, a bolero and a scarf? Not at all! But then again I'm not in Africa :D

Nash said...

Salam, I was voted the "Best Dressed" in a recent company function attended by many people of various cultures and religions but very few "hijabers". As the decision was based on votes by all the guests, I reckon that generally, people still prefer "table cloth" to skin afterall...lol!! :):)
Warm smiles from Singapore...