28 October 2008

Shemagh Headscarf?

You've all seen it, probably around someones neck (or on a mans head obviously..), but tried using is as a headscarf yourself? Would you even dare? Well these girls have:

This made me laugh..

Don't want to go all out like Miss Mannequin there? Don't blame you..this girls found a safer alternative:

I like it in a weird kind of way. I think if I did it, the knot would be at the back so it would just look like a band going across the forehead and I'd use a plain hijab. If you fancy a shemagh hijab like the one below click here and they're really cheap too :D


Mona said...

The first one looks like a large houndstooth print, the last one looks pretty non threatening. I like the look though. A lot of people wear them around their necks in support of Palestine and some just for fashion.

M.J. said...

ive seen a few girls who can pull this look off, but for me it's just too much pattern around the face. my first hijab wlooked like this lol, not a good start!

Anonymous said...

I wear it as a hijaab all the time. Suits my purpose of covering and makes a statement for Filistin at the same time :)!! When i wear it around the neck i feel like its choking me, so I resort to the hijab instead!