07 October 2008

Skirt and Boots: Love it or Shove it?

I think this look can only go one way or the other; it can either look really nice or, unfortunately, rather quite distasteful. Its comparable to getting a recipe right: you need to wear exactly the right style of boots and skirt to be able to pull off the look without making yourself look like you dressed in the dark. All sound rather dramatic? Well here's why:

Certainly some not so stylish skirt and boot looks if you ask me..
OK, first, don't think this look will ever grow on people..

Second, please do remember that there is more that one colour under the sun..

And most importantly of all, make sure the boots are LESS obvious than the skirt i.e. if someone sees the boots before the skirt, generally it means the outfit's wrong..

*Oh and lastly, hijab and high pointy boots are like fire and water. Enough said really lol.*

On a more positive note, here are some boot and skirt styles that I actually like:

These looks are cute, but the I think the ouftits would generally suit the slighty older generation, maybe about 30 and up.

Here are some 'younger' looks..
I love these last two looks and I think they are perfect for if you have a slightly shorter skirt that you still want to wear with hijab.

So what do you reckon? Love it or Shove it?


Yasmin said...

Salaam, well its like you said, it really depends on the boot and the skirt. I was never really a fan of the boot and skirt thing, but when it's cold what choice do you have. If I wear boots they have to flat, Im not a heel girl whatsoever. I like my height as is.

Candice said...

I like the good ones! I really suck with footwear for myself and I can just imagine myself in those "do not"s... Like those huge winter boots made for climbing up a snow mountain with a peasant skirt, that type of thing... I just hate shopping for footwear so I'm limited in my choices. :p

*~Ange~* said...

man.. some boots are really fugly.. hardly anyone wears nice boots.

Celeritas said...

I definitly wear boots and skirts, generally sleek formal boots are my thing. I don't have any uggs, pointy boots or really high boots. I usually wear sneakers in the weekend as I have to dress so formally in the week.

*~Ange~* said...

dont knock Uggs Celeritas!

Celeritas said...

I'll try Ange but really, they look like slippers don't they? Does it actually get cold enough in Perth to wear them?

Anonymous said...

I wear this look all the time accept my skirts are much shorter. Like right under my knee. and I just wear those really thick tights just incase someone catchs a sliver of leg. I can't wait for winter because it looks best then adn especially for work!!

Zaenab said...

lol i love uggs too ange! essenceoftimeandearth: yeh thats a really good look and its great for if you want to wear a shorter skirt :D

mishka said...

i just love boots but may be its from my background as i grow up in country where boots must be in winter. but i would what for good quality suede boots and its can be any color or with mebrodary as long as its look matching to your outfit and comfortable for wearing.i give up so heels as i found as muslim i dont force to wear them and suffer to look beautful.. however in cristian western culture its something ppl accpect from you if u want to look attractive. but yes for nice comfy boots and even ugg bots with right cloth good choice.

Anonymous said...

Depends on the boots and skirt! But it's a lot more practical for those that are out in winter/wet summer, the hem of your skirt doesn't get ruined then.