17 October 2008


Bored of black? Make a statement hijab with bright colours and bold patterns. Here are some pretty examples of beautiful hijabs from across the globe. I really like the one above, besides being rich in lovely colours and patterns, I think that the photos is also rather thought provoking. This next one is soo nice and the colour is lush!
Yep..they're off to work..
I love this next photo, the orange hijab is stunning with the floral pattern
Blue and yellow goes wonderfully, and this pic proves it..

So getting experimenting if you're feeling daring :D


M.J. said...

i love the orange one. i need to practice styling the niqab like that... i dont wear niqab but just love how that looks!!

*~Ange~* said...

love the Last pic

Habayeb said...

i really need to get some colorful hijabs.

Enon said...

I really luv that plain blue n yellow hijab. Beautiful. MashaAllah.