31 October 2008

I Love This Outfit..

It was taken for the MSLM magazine, it's such a cute outfit ^-^ I've tried to copy it here..

OK, it's not as good as the models outfit but I like it anyway :D does anybody know what happened to MSLM magazine? I was really excited when I heard about it a while back and then it suddenly disappeared..muslimahs could really do with a glossy magazine like that so I hope it resurfaces soon.


Candice said...

I love it too. The textures are really nice and varied, I think it really makes the look. You found a good style match for the sweater, I like it!

M.J. said...

i like yours better! i would love to wear something like that.

Zaenab said...

aw thanks m.j. :D yeh textures are so nice when they're all together

Victoria said...

Hi. Im a girl from Sweden that just found your blog. I like it a lot even though im not a muslim. Soon im going to Kuwait, do you know how to dress for a tourist over there?

Zaenab said...

victoria: Hi! im so glad you like my blog :D hmm id probs advise you to steer clear of shorts/mini skirts, vests etc. i would stick to loose trousers (linens good), maxi dresses and things that dont show too much flesh lol. but dont worry too much about it, have fun! heres a site with some more info:


hope it helps, zaenab xx