22 November 2009

It's A Fair Affair..

Following some comments I had in previous posts about how there aren't any black Muslimah models out there I wanted to prove that models are in no way more beautiful on the 'lighter' side. Coming from an Arab culture where generally speaking the lighter you are, the better (has anybody seen that bloody "fair and lovely" advert?! I actually want to scratch their eyes out and ask them wth they are trying to make themselves look so western?) I have had to put up with being told that Arabic/Asians who are quite frankly plain Janes (or more fittingly, plain Aishas..) are gorgeous because they are all fair and lovely.. In fact I have found the more stunning models have a bit of colour in them (although you can't quite apply this theory to the runway as most of them are pale and underfed anyway..)

SO, enough of my rant.. here are some not so fair yet lovely black Muslimahs:

I looove this!
Check out the Around The World: Hijab Style posts for more and stick two fingers up at "Fair and Lovely". Black is beautiful!! I feel like I shouldn't even be having to clarify this point but I guess some people are still a bit shallow..


Anonymous said...

You would actually wear that last one that you claim to "love?"

I doubt it.

But good post overall.

-Indonesian Prince.

Anonymous said...

sad though as I know a lot of cultures who think white is beauty

trendy melbourne said...

hun i'm soo with u on this top.
I'm african and i love the colour of my skin and won't change a thing.
I have always hated those stupid fair and lovely creams.

The think that shocked me the most was been randomly offered a skin bleaching cream by a hairdresser in egypt, i think she though i was one of those girls.
No thanks i luv me the way i am.
thanks for putting the topic out there hun
Much love
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox