01 November 2009

I Tried Out Abaya ^-^

So yesterday, we went out and I decided to give abaya a go and not to keep putting it off as I knew we would be going to the mosque as well at some point during the outing. I really liked it and didn't have to worry about if my jeans were too tight or have to constantly pull my dress down while walking along a busy street. I felt like I was properly doing my bit to wear hijab and got to wear skinny jeans at the same time, win win situation! Here's roughly what I wore, I put it with a Turkish styled hijab because (no offence..) but even though I'm Arabic I didn't want to look like an Arab wannabe (as I know a black abaya is not the only form of jilbab).. they are kind of everywhere.. :P lol.


Abaya by Zaenab


Anonymous said...

good luck.

Banana Anne said...

Insha'Allah, you can do it! I am in the same position right now; as much as I love jeans, I feel like ALLAH wants me to wear jilbab, whether that means a long skirt with leggings underneath, a long trenchcoat with wide pants underneath, or an actual jilbab. I don't think that people who wear abayas are necessarily "Arab wannabes"; after all, abayas fulfull the Islamic dress code well and they are so darn easy to put on and wear. Insha'Allah when I make the transition to jilbab I'm probably going to stick to long skirts with leggings or one of those ankle-length coats that button up in the front.

Anonymous said...

It would be easier for you sisters if you were actually in an Islamic environment, instead of europe/america/australia/etc

Banana Anne said...

I think it would be easier to be in a Muslim-majority country only in the sense that Islamically appropriate clothing would be much easier to find than in other countries. Even though I live in America, I'm not really worried about being ridiculed or stared at because of me wearing jilbabs (I live in a big city where you can pretty much wear whatever you want and people don't care).

zainab said...

mash'allah! good for you!
nice work with the turkish hijab combo =)

NeverEver said...

Aw mashaAllah really cute! Glad you tried the abaya and enjoyed it.

I will admit I was a smidge stung by the "arab wannabe" comment, and I vented a bit earlier, but still cute! :-P

Zaenab said...

Thanks guys!! :D

NeverEver: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to offend at all, it's kinda a little bit funny though lol, I mean they do exist.. :P


Candice said...

How great that you wore the abaya out! I love abaya and I also don't feel fully comfortable wearing it out in public... I will have to start by wearing the headscarf maybe though! To feel comfortable being identified as Muslim from my clothing, and I guess abaya might not be that far away once I get over it.

I need a better wardrobe though.

shakuka said...

so beautiful abaya you posted,mashallah

le poet said...

I get questions like this sometimes, Aren't Turkish Arabs?
So how would you answer that? hehe =\

Hijab Chic said...

That abaya looks very pretty.
May Allah give you strength Sister :)

Zaenab said...

le poet: no Turks aren't arab, they don't speak arabic, it's just like iranians aren't arab either


Anonymous said...

I think some Muslim dude just shot up an army base in Texas.

-Indonesian prince

سيده نفيسه said...

Good for you, zaenab.As for me, I m in love and Allah guide me to like it last year.And He open my heart to wear it this year.Alhamdulillaah,dowh, my 1st experience wearing it, people staring moreeeeeeeee.but sooner, i get used to it.I love black abaya.:))But sometimes I changed with long shirt n tunic too.Yeah the same goes to me, I feel like skirt more, but I am clothes picker..

Anonymous said...

Ouch...u kill me girl! arab wannabe...tsk tsk!

but, en'shallah u can start wearing overgarments more, it takes awhile...but it's really not hard and after a bit u feel pretty nekki without one.

Anonymous said...

anon...im living in KSA now and frankly...I felt like I was in a much more islamically appropriate enviro in the USA than here...here u have to cover...there u dont so it tests ur emaan and resolution more plus guys dont hassle/harrasse (sexually)/follow a hijabi or niqabi...here guys do, no matter how covered u are!

Anonymous said...

anyonmous i am hehe well i am a new begginner wearing the abaya now i feel better and coverd when i wear it + i stil have my skinnes jeans undeerneath so it all good

galaleo said...

I am an American lighting designer working on a project in Saudi. Now that our project is going into construction, I will be visiting a dusty outdoor site. Having worn the Abaya for the first time in my life on two previous visits, I know both the freedom they afford...and restrictions.

I would like to have an Abaya with pockets and a belt. Does this exist? Can i make one and it still be acceptable if only worn on the job site. Meaning I would either remove the "sash", or change into different Abaya.

I appreciate your blog - thank you


Stylish Muslimah said...

Galaleo: Hi, yes they do exist, just do a google search for "jilbab with pockets" and lots will come up.

In the meantime, here is an abaya with pockets:


Hope that helps :)
Salam x