24 September 2008

The Sports Jilbab..

Ok, so I'm usually not one to contradict the efforts of people trying to create things that will make the life of hijabis easier. In fact I really liked the idea of the Islamic swimsuits but when I saw the jilbab meant for doing sports in, I did chuckle to myself.

Have you ever tried running in a full length dress? The excessive material is so unpractical not to mention dangerous. I could hardly use a running machine let alone an exercise bike wearing one of these:

I know that the material is specially made for sports and I respect the fact that some women don't feel comfortable unless wearing the jilbab but practicality and safety in sports is important.

I think these sport suits I found on Primo Moda, an online hijab store, are a far more practical alternatives to the jibab while still maintaining an appropriate level of modesty:

If you do not like the idea of wearing these then you could join a ladies only gym which are avaliable in some places.

P.S. This is simply my opinion and I do not intend to offend anyone who wears the sports jilbab.


Celeritas said...

Hehe I agree it would be hard to exercise in a jilbab although I'm sure some sisters do. What I think however is that they are called sports jilbab because they are made of sports material, have a 'sports' look, but I don't think they intend people to do sports in them.

*~Ange~* said...

yah its gotta be really hard to run in an abaya. they arent really made for active sports.
i guess its more of a casual look so they labelled it as sportswear - but obviously, as you said, its not quite suited for sports.
the other pics you posted are so much more suitable.

Aisha La Estudiante said...

I soooo love those Jilbabs because they come with hoods (on a few styles) I couldn't necessarily see wearing them competing in sports... or running unless they're short enough, slit or really wide at the bottom. I just like that some of them are Jersey (hoodie) fabric... because I'd like to wrap myself in a huge hoodie and lounge or go grocery shopping or walk the waterfront in the rain...
The sporty outfits from PrimaModo are adorable... their swimming suits for hijabis are ok. I've been meaning to do a hijabi swimmer post. Cute blog btw!
erica aisha

Zaenab said...

thank you aisha! xx

Candice said...

yikes, I'd be scared to exercise in those long ones. But as others have said, it's sporty, but not necessarily sports wear. I think even with a slit, it would be terrible, you'd have all that fabric swinging between your legs! The tunic ones are not bad.

Anonymous said...

Yep I agree with Celeritas!

I think tey are called sporty because thats what style they are. I dont think they are meant to used for sportswear whilst doing physical activity.

Carissa said...

I purchased one of those sport suits from Prima Modo and it was not practical at all. The hijab was misshapen horribly and the tunic was lined with fleece. It was so hot when working out. I had to cut all the lining out of the shirt.

Anonymous said...

I'm an avid runner
I wear lose track pants, a knee length skirt, a loose long sleeved cotton top and a cotton Amira Hijab. It took awhile to piece together, but it was cheep and it works for me.