12 February 2009

Hijab Style from New Zealand

I was asked to do a post on Zealand hijab style a while back by Celeritas, the reason it's taken so long is because there aren't that many pictures of hijabis from New Zealand out there. Anyway, I managed to find a few:

Having fun on the beach, cute pink hijab :D

Ohh, I didn't know New Zealand had mountains like this, it looks fun!

Hijabi pals picking fruit, good times ^-^

Headscarves and sunnies.. a match made in fashion heaven

Aww, this is such a cute pic :D

Yay, more sunnies :) not too surprised the niqabi gave them a miss though..

Aw, nice pic and I love the check pink hijab

As New Zealand is blessed with it's vast beaches, I decided to put it a beach outfit too:

Gold Summer

Gold Summer - by Zaenab

Hope you liked it! More coming soon Insha'Allah, if you want me to do a country please write it in the comments :D


Candice said...

Love the NZ style and nice outfit creation. :)

Celeritas said...

Thankyou and well done on finding what you have! The first image however is of Australians but I love my sisters from Aus so definitly don't mind.

M.J. said...

hehe i fully expected to see pics of Ange and Huda from MyHijab!! cute style, i love the polyvore set too!

Anonymous said...

Love your site! Please do India... not the traditional head coverings you see everywhere, but stylish modern hijabis!

Zaenab said...

anon thanks! iv already done india, you can view it by clicking on 'around the world hijab style' at the top of the page

Anonymous said...

brilliant article again. Love the outfit you put together.

Khadija said...

Stars! Muslimahs who smile and allow their pictures to be taken! What will happen next?

I am an American Muslimah and I must say that my experience is much more somber, and I am always in trouble for misbehaving. :(.


Anonymous said...

plz do 1 on bangladesh! its the most democratic islamic nation. and the indian sari style hejab is soooooooooo cute. do u know how to wear like tht?( the hajab not sari)

hinata said...

Salam,I'm from Malaysia. I think some of the pics of muslimah in New Zealand is Malaysian Students who studying abroad in New Zealand.The style of Hijab is from Malaysia. Currently there are new trends of hijab in Malaysia Check it Out.Love ur site

Anonymous said...

those are definately malaysian students in your new zealand pics.. but anyway, really love this.

nur iman said...

i like ur blog.n i can see my friend from my high school in the "New Zealand hijab style" (hihi).oh,btw,i'm from Malaysia.
U should add malaysian hijab style in your blog too.our hijab styles are changing so fast.
with variety of hijab styles,we (muslimah with hijab) can be stylish as well.

z said...


wow i'm in one of those pics! i'm not sure whether to be flattered or worried, haha.

Sophie said...

Woo-hoo! Gotta love New Zealand... you know, coz I live there...

Anyway, I thought our mountains were one of our biggest attractions? Alongside, well, Lord of the Rings and sheep.

Anonymous said...

its abit late, but i caught onto your blog by chance and am loving it!keep it up!

anyway, just had to put in my 2 cents, those first 5 pics of new zealand hijabis are actually malaysian students. hehe ;)

do do one of malaysian hijabis (please), and u'll also see all sorts of other styles too since we easily incorporate other countries/cultures styles as we just love all sorts of hijabi fashion :)


nuddhea said...

new zealand hijabis like malaysian hijabis..
more about malaysian hijabis, http://scarfsweethoney.blogspot.com/p/hijab-tutorial.html