22 January 2009

3 Ways To Wear A Maxi Dress

We all love a maxi dress, but that doesn't mean they are easy to wear especially while keeping them modest and stylish at the same time - sometime I see people who have kept the modesty and ditched the style and sometimes it's the other way around. Well enough I say! Here are 3 simple ways to dress a maxi:

Hope you liked my maxi tips! :D


Sabrina said...

I think a long maxi dress with a cardigan is the cutest look ever! Rachel Pally always has great styles to choose from.

Anonymous said...

also no.4 :boleros
like this blog btw
check out mines too,
soz cant leave a long commnt its l8 lol

Anonymous said...

babe! i love ur post here. recently i buy many beautiful maxi dress but dunnoe how to style with muslimah's way. u gimme ideas!

sara said...

how do i cover my chest?

Zaenab said...

sara: hi, a tee underneath a maxi will sort that out and bring your hijab down to neaten up the look :D

Beth Ann said...

Wonderful tips! I bought one today, and had the same idea about a cardigan and a jean jacket, but your pictures and layout is really the iceing on the cake! :) Bella!

kiutbox said...


Nice tips to share, btw the long inner also very helpfull in certain cases. Do get multicolours inner to get various looks.
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Leila and Aliya said...

i already did all of these but the last one is AH-mazing! i have a jeans cardigan like like sleeveless and all but it isnt long and i didnt know how to wear it modestly. this is amazing im gonna go try right now!