13 May 2011

Ethnic Cleansing In Bahrain

A post from the How To Live Like An Omani Princess blog. It's pretty sick what humans have become. I'm starting to dispair :/

"All it takes for the world to go wrong is for a good man to do nothing.

What can I do? Not much from Oman I can tell you that. But I can share this with you.

SUNNI witnesses, from Canadian Sunni students in Bahrain, and others (who ARE NOT SHIA so have NO reason to make this up) state that there is a policy OF ETHNIC CLEANSING OF SHIAs going on in Bahrain by the Bahraini Government with of course the help of Saudi Arabia, and the U.S government knows all about but does nothing, because you know, to weaken Shias in the GCC, is to weaken Iran.

Muslims back in the West we've been sharing this with go, well the Shias have been making problems there.

Guys, these are SUNNI Muslims REPORTING THE acts of killing. What 12 year old Shia girl who was taken off her school bus had anything to do against the government? Why are families being taken form their homes that had nothing to do with the protests?

I am Sunni BTW, saying this. Some say blame the Salafi and Wahabi extremists. Well, I am a follower of the writings of Abdul Wahab and I can tell you... not only would I never ever say this was okay, but I can't...even... begin... to understand it. Just the thought of it left me crying so hard last night but blogger would not post. This is not Islamic extremism btw. It is political ethnic cleansing.

The news says the bloodshed is over. It's not. The news lies.

Bloggers who wrote about it were arrested, University Professors, and Sunni sheikhs who were against it and knew the truth, that is has nothing to do with our religion, are in jail or disapeared.

Please, please this is the truth. It is going on. Somebody help these people. Someone tell Bahrain to stop. I can't imagine if it was my family they were marching off in a mob to go kill and no one would do anything or even say anything because I was a "sunni". The fact that someone is a "shia" or anything else for that matter, is not enough to justify their bloodshed.

God guide your Muslims, for they are divided on the grounds of Nationalism to not even realize that this has nothing to do with You, Allah, at all, but is all about power and control of land & resources and means of controlling history through media to make their own existance excusable(by that last I meant KSA's monarchy as the 'guardians' of Mecca).

Non-Muslims will probably ask me, how can there be a God who lets this happen to His people?

Romeo Dallarie, the UN Commander for the Mission during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, was asked how he could believe in God still, after having seen what he witnessed in Rwanda. Mr. Dallaire, one of my heroes who stayed to do what he could while the world watched and did nothing, said simply: "I know there is a God, because in Rwanda, I shook hands with the Devil."

Anyone in Bahrain. Allah/God has no wish for mankind to kill eachother in His name. If both sides are claiming God is on their side and they are killing eachother, it isn't God that they are fighting for, but Shaytaan/the Devil.

I wish I could do more. This breaks my heart into pieces. I can never, never, ever understand how men can do this to one another. All I can do I guess, is to teach my children not to hate, and how the world goes wrong, if a good person does nothing, says nothing.



Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for writing this!

lala said...

i am glad to see someone saying something. so far i have seen all the usually very outspoken, politically involved muslims in my area ignore this issue. it's infuriating because they know better than i do how to get people to pay attention to the issue, but they only cared/care about egypt, etc. may Allah SWT help the shi'a of bahrain, ameen.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Shia's the majority in Bahrain?

Sad news regardless.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Anon: They are, but they are ruled by the minority sunnis.

Anonymous said...

"Or do ye think that ye shall enter the Garden (of bliss) without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? they encountered suffering and adversity, and were so shaken in spirit that even the Messenger and those of faith who were with him cried: "When (will come) the help of Allah?" Ah! Verily, the help of Allah is (always) near!"

My Arabic isn't good enough, otherwise I would have written it in Arabic.


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Thank you Zaenab for posting. The net was being cut by the Gov. to have the army move in on protesters in Oman for a while and with blogger down, I didn't have time to transfer anything to 'I Love Hishma'. One of the old Omani Princess authors is in Bahrain, and some Canadian student friends of ours, as well as some expat families I've known a long time. We're all Sunni, so I can't get why anybody is telling us we are lying and making it up and why there is such silence.

BTW, the Omani protests are in general ridiculous. I have been on the street to talk to them, so don't worry about us here, alhamduliliah. We laugh when we see US papers include Sultan Qaboos in the list of corrupt ME dicatators. OUr protesters want the government to pay off their haraam bank loans (which they took in the first place with no one forcing them) or lower passing grades in the bursing college. Um, yeah, I don't really want my nurses and Dr.s only knowing 40% of what their supposed to. What is going on in Bahrain and Yemen and Syria, and what is in Egypt and Libya. Omanis are alot spoiled because their gov. cares alot about them in terms of education and rights ect. Corruption needs to be fought in the Ministry level, because that can come from ignorance and tribalism, but His Majesty is sacking anyone who is caught stealing and favouring the wrong parties by wasta ect..., so... lol. OUr situation is alhamdulilah good with a bunch of spoiled brat lazy uneducated men (by their own choices BTW) protesting still.

Allah protect all those who do not hate other Muslims, ameen.