09 March 2011

The End Of Time

It's pretty scary when you think that all of the minor signs of the end of time have already happened :/

I thought that this would be the perfect topic to compliment all that talk of tunics and skirts.


It's not..?


the hijab gal said...

This is pretty scary.

Anonymous said...

That was really scary. O_O
But it also makes wants me to be a better Muslim starting now.

Anonymous said...


2 things I wanna say.

The estimated wealth of world is around $68 trillion and there are about 6.8 billion people. You divide these two numbers and you get $10,000 per person. This is the exact amount that's in the video (regarding people not being happy with that amount). Freaky as hell.

2nd, There is a hadith regarding Judgement Day, and it goes; "The caretakers of the black camels will compete in building tall towers". I didn't watch the video completely, so I don't know if this one is mentioned. I always wondered if this is a reference to the Gulf Arabs, and their attempts to attract Western investments by building the largest skyscrapers.


Stylish Muslimah said...

Amal: My thoughts exactly!! We can do it lol :) I try setting myself small goals so that I can constantly be aiming to make myself better.

Imran: Wow, that calculation is pretty freaky! I was quite confused about the 10,000 thing when I watched it, actually. And yes, it refers to the Arabs competing to build the tallest building. They are making fools of themselves and don't even see it.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Amazing. Thanks for sharing never seen this video before. This is making me cry.


Malek said...

ASA wow what a powerful video....scary indeed....makes you think about your deen and our character. thank you for sharing

Ma Salam,

the hijab gal said...

Watching this makes me want to become a better muslim.So i searched the internet for various tips.I have shared them on my new blog(www.nikeylee94.blogspot.com)May Allah reward the person who made the video and you that shared it for all of us to watch.I pray that Allah(swt) makes us all better muslims.Ameen

Hijab & Fashion said...

I want to watch the video too, but I can't because I#Mliving in a country where the video is banned bcause of Sony contenst? Can you pls post a link for another video that is similiar, into the comments box?
Thanks and salam!

Anonymous said...

8.9 Quake Hits Japan:


San Francisco braces for tsunami after Japan gets hit:


Stylish Muslimah said...

Hijab & Fashion: You can search on YouTube for these kinds of videos. Just type 'signs of the end of time' :)

Anon: Thanks for the links. It's the worst in 140 years, apparently :S I think they are going to get more and more frequent.


ratna said...

as salam! sister thx for sharing. i love you for having us remind of this. we tend to forget and lets the world take over us and makes us forget of the actual reason of our being!
hope i would be an improved muslim. Insya Allah. May Allah bless you!

Maja/Jasmine said...

I'm not muslim, (I'm christian), but that scared the livin' jeebers out of me. lol.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Salaam. Im not a muslim but I found this moving and scarey- so much of it seems to be true. I cant believe so much of it was predicted so long ago ! Also - the music ( do you call it nasheed?) Is really beautifull even though I cant pick out the odd word - I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the singer?? as Id like to try and down load it. I think Ive heard music like this before and even though I cant understand it I find it beautifull to listen to. I hope that isnt offensive to say?

Also - I really like reading your blog. Im not sure if ill ever be a muslim but I still find it relevant and interesting - especially the posts about modest clothing. I hope you keep writing .. C:)

Stylish Muslimah said...

Anon: Salaam, I know it freaks me out because when I watch and read about these things it hits me that they are the truth and the reality :/

I'm glad that you like the blog and are interested in Islam and hijab style :) I don't know what the nasheed is, I'm on my iPhone at the moment but I will try and find out for you when I get on a computer. If you like nasheeds though, Sami Yusef does some really nice ones in a combination of English, Arabic and Farsi. Oh and of course it's not offensive haha :D