06 March 2011

No Second Chances

I'd just like to ask you all to keep the Libyans and all other oppressed Muslims in your prayers. May Allah (SWT) grant them victory and make martyrs of those who are being mercilessly murdered for daring to speak out against their oppressors.


The Modesty Movement said...

Insha Allah they will be victorious in this life and the hereafter.

kakchik said...


Nora said...

InshaAllah everything will get better.

(oh and I was wondering, could you make a post about hijab styles in Egypt? it would be so cool :D)

Anonymous said...


I feel like sharing this, don't know why. It's an old story/fable from India.

A woman was walking by a river, and she saw a scorpion struggling not to drown because it was stuck to some nets. She went over to try and free it, but every time she put her hands out, the scorpion would sting her. At this time, a man was passing by and saw what was happening; He yelled out to the woman, "You crazy chick, why do you keep trying to help it when all it does is sting you?". The woman replies,"If it's in the scorpion's nature to sting me, why would I go against my nature to help it?"

The End. Hope you liked it.


Stylish Muslimah said...

Nora: Ok, I'll do that as the next "around the world" post insha'Allah. :)

Imran: I just read that and laughed to myself. On the train.. On my own. As if I don't get enough weird looks as it is. Thanks :) (But seriously, it's meaning is nice)