09 March 2011

My Top 3 Picks From Shukr's New Arrivals

If there is one type of clothing that I love from the Islamic online store Shukr, it has to be the tunic. They make them stylish yet modest, and best of all they don't need to be worn with hundreds of layers. My two favorite tunics are from the latest collection:

They are £35 and £45, respectively and come in several colours.

I am also loving this skirt. With summer around the corner, I cannot wait to ditch the jeans for a nice maxi skirt :)

The skirt is £35. Check out the rest of their line here!

(P.S. I bought the Speedy :D and I looove it! Thanks for all the advise - even if I didn't take some of it :/ lol)


Ili Naquiah said...

Gorgeous skirts..!!

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Fatimah said...

love that skirt!

also i just posted a video and poetry lyrics that i think you'll really like! made me think of this site and you :)


it's very inspiring not just to muslim women but every women! and educational mashallah :)

hannah said...

O.M.G. lol I have been looking forever for modest clothing and hijabs designed for sports/exercising! I hope they don't run out of styles I'm interested in before I save up enough money to buy something!

Banana Anne said...

That first tunic is gorgeous, Masha'Allah. And their new hooded jilbab? It's like a giant sweatshirt! <3 swoooooon<3

Nikki said...

I too am ready to break my skirts back out! In the summer I LIVE in maxis and can't wait for the weather to warm up just a bit more.

Also, I love the turquoise tunic you posted. I do not wear tunics with skirts, though, (as in the top picture) because I feel like with my petite frame I just look like I'm swimming in clothing.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Fatima: Aw that is so lovely! :D

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

i can only say that i am truly madly deeply jealous of all hijabis living in the cold parts of this planet :(

on a happier note . . :) the skirt and the pink top look gorgeous :)

AIN JAAFAR said...

i heart the blue blouse!!! whats the price anyway?i love to have one ;D

Anonymous said...

I love their clothes I just wish they weren't so expensive. But everything I have ever gotten from here has been top quality.